Gangbangin’ at The Highest Level

What’s really going on? What’s really going on in the Politics world! Yea, I was one of the few million new voters. I didn’t vote because I knew my vote would make a difference, I simply voted because I didn’t have shit else to do. I don’t know how much more convenient they could have made it for me to vote. The voting poll was right next door to my house. I got there around 8am with maybe 7 people in front of me. It took me all of 10min to cast my votes, get my sticker and I was out of there.

So, later that night while watching the votes roll in from across the states, I sat there looking at this trying to understand it in my own way, and I figured it out. Politics is like Gangbangin’ on the highest level. You got 2 sides and each one of them are trying to claim territory represented by a color. What a coincidence, RED & BLUE. “Now, this is going to get deep!” I watched the RED states back East and down South start to light up the map with the Republicans in support of Bush, it didn’t surprise me. Why? Okay, see if you can stay with me on this. Did you know when Bush was first running for presidency 4 years ago for his first term, he agreed to meet with the NAACP to get the “Black Vote”, but for the past for years straight, he has declined to meet with the NAACP after becoming president. The way I see it, you got a whole lot of old school “older people” representing back East and down South who are die hard Republicans sporting the color red. As time has passed, the younger generation from these families has migrated West seeking more freedom, opportunity and new growth towards California as democrats represented by the color Blue.

Times have changed. The majority of people involved is being challenged by a new breed of people getting involved and guess who it is? It’s me, it’s you, it’s your friends, it’s the young Urban audience. So what does all this mean you still ask? It means the Republicans are going to see a dramatic change in the Democratic participation over the next few years. It’s all about marketing and I would say this young new voting Urban audience is more attracted to Democratic policies rather than Republican policies. Do you know what Voting has just become? It’s just become Trendy. Now were talking serious! Trendy is the money maker and isn’t money the blood of politics! Young people do what’s cool. I can honestly say with the little knowledge I got over this past election plus the feeling that being recognized as a registered voter was the cool thing to do, it hand something to do with me voting, plus that free sticker for the day that said “yea, bitch I voted, and what did you do!” You ever heard the saying, “everything goes back to it’s original?” Did you know before there were Bloods & Crips, it was just 1 gang and they were called Piru Bloods. Later on, someone broke off and started another gang outside of the Blood territory and called it the Piru Crips. Why? just to be different and have more freedom. In the beginning of this, the Piru Crips still wore red as their gang color as well as the Piru Bloods, but in no time at all more changes were made and the Crips dropped the “Piru”, picked a new color Blue to represent them and they just called themselvesCrips. (Please believe me, this is 100% true shit I’m educating you on) So, one night back in the late 60’s at the Palladium Theatre on Sunset in Hollywood, CA a few Crips & Bloods found them selves in a scuffle over a jacket and a Crip shot a Blood and that’s what started the war and divided them forever. Being that Bloods were the original gang foundation, the population is not as deep as the crips anymore, but they do hold their ground. In a way, to relate gangs to politics, I would say Bloods would be Republicans & Crips would be Democrats. Why? It’s like Bloods are known as Well Dressed Pretty Boys coming from a more solid home front. Crips are known to be more buck wild, and coming from more of a low income type home front. Some of you might get it and some won’t. I’m not being offensive, I’m just saying it like I’ve LIVED it. So, if history continues to repeat it’s self and things go back to it’s original, more people will start to break off from the Republican party and start to join the Democratic party. Why? It’s simple, it’s Trendy and it’s the thing to do. Majority rules! No difference than which ever neighborhood you grew up in, the gang was the trendy thing to do but now these grown up gangs have a different title and it’s called “Political Party”.

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2005, 1DOWN©

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