Attention Ladies!!!

There is absolutely nothing healthy on TV for females. Every tv show aimed for the female audience is based on Cheating, lying, arguing, fighting, disrespect, drugs, breaking up, divorce, deception, hate, anger, betrayal, backstabbing, quitting, giving up, not trusting men, not trusting females, torn relationships, and absolutely nothing positive.

If you a female and you take part in watching any of these tv shows you are destroying yourself and your relationship. If you take part in watching any of these tv shows your boyfriend or husband is having less interest and less respect for you every day. He hates it that you sit there and watch that bullshit. It’s very disappointing for him to see you contaminate yourself and your relationship with that unhealthy bullshit and you too stupid and selfish to realize it. He walks by that tv each time wanting to kick that fucking tv over! He’s also too disappointed to even look at you as he walks by cause who he looking at isn’t the woman he fell in love with or the woman he’s attracted to anymore. He’s so disgusted and disappointed in you!

LADIES YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU FEED YOUR BRAIN AND WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. You living more unhealthy than ever before and you killing yourself, your family, and your relationship.

Trust me and everything I said above. It’s 111% true.

Good luck,

Goldie DeWitt

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