I Was 17 & She Was 29

I’ve been holding this in for 17 years! It was exactly 29 years ago when I was a senior in high school and the school year had just started. I was a cool dude, played 4 years of football, never ditched (because my moms would beat my ass), I was Homecoming King, and I was cool with everyone. I had fun in high school and sometimes I wish I could do it again. I got through school taking pretty much the basic shit because I had no intentions on going to no state university. I never took algebra, calculus, geometry or no shit like that. I had a cool ass Counselor and he would let me hand pick my classes to take the basic shit I needed just to pass. I remember 1 of my classes was called “basic calculator math”. This shit was funny, a calculator was bolted to the fucking desk and I was the only English speaking person in the class and everyone else spoke Spanish. Of course I passed and I also remember trading a kid my Raiders jacket for a pocket pistol in class.  He didn’t speak a word of english but actions speak louder than words.

So, it was the first week of school in my senior year and during lunch I noticed this sexy ass white lady with BOOTY walking through the quad and then hearing my friend say “look, look, there’s that new English teacher”. Once I heard that, I had already put my plan together. I left the quad at the very second and went to my counselor’s office because I knew he was having lunch and I asked him if I could change my English class, and as soon as i asked him, he says “let me guess, to the new English teacher right?” I said yup! He tells me sure, if she has room, go for it. He gave me a change class slip and I went straight to her class after lunch. I walked in and I asked her if I could transfer to her class and she immediately said she was full, I said “okay” and as I started to walk out, she says “I got room for 1 more, let me sign your slip”. I was like “hell yea boy!” So, the following day I started going to my new English class with the new teacher with ass.

I got cool with her real fast and I more saw it as her picking me to be the student / class aid, so she moved my desk to the back next to her desk. So, a few weeks later, I remember it was a Friday and I asked her what was she doing tonight and she said “go to the gym and relax at home”. She then asked me what plans did I have? I told her that I was gonna grab some ice cream, rent a movie, and come chill with her. She laughed and said, “you find out where I live, you are more than welcome to come visit me”. Well, lucky me, I ripped her address off the back of one of her magazines she brings from home and I pulled it out of my pocket and same “BAM!!” she looked at me and said “you’re bad” and then she said “so, are you coming over?” in a squeaky voice I said “yup”.

Oh shit, it was on now! After school I went straight home and I asked my relative to let me borrow his car to go see some chick. I went to rent a movie, I don’t remember what i rented, but I do remember that i got a pint of chocolate chip ice cream from Thriftys. So, there I was standing at my English teacher’s front door with a movie & ice cream in my hand, knowing what I’m doing, but not knowing what I’m really doing. I knocked on the door and she opened the door wearing her gray workout tights with the work out tube top. She was surprised and said “you made it, come on in”. She asked me if I wanted to put the ice cream in the freezer while she went to change into something more comfortable. I asked her if I could go use her restroom and she pointed down the hall.As I walked into the restroom, I was amazed! It was heaven, she had g-strings hanging from the shower and yes, you know I had to snag a black pair for proof & a souvenir. So, I shoved them deep into my pocket and went back and sat on her couch until she came out of her room. I remember she had a dog, a mean ass chow, and I think she had a piano. She came out of her room wearing something kinda sexy, simple, and relaxed. She asked me if I wanted to watch the movie in the living room or in her bedroom and I said I cool with either one. She then headed towards her bedroom. Oh shit! I remember that walk saying to myself “this is fucking crazy”. So, she put the movie in and she laid down in her bed and told me to have a seat and get relaxed. I sat up against her headboard and she was on the right side of me. It was crazy, it seemed like in the blink of an eye, the movie was over and the credits were rolling. I was just sitting there, and she says to me “why are you so nervous?” I said back to her “im not nervous”, then she says “yes you are, you’re the only person with all his clothes on”. I was like what the fuck, I reached over with my right hand to feel and to my surprise I felt nothing but skin! It was on after that, she crawled on top of me and the party started! She was freaky! I had 4 years of bustin’ gutts on my belt, so I wasn’t new to sex, but she sure did try to turn a brotha out. She had her hands full, because at 17, I was busting like 4 nutts before I was done.

Well, after we had sex, she told me it was very important that I told no one because she could get in big trouble and lose her job. She knew I had my relative that I kicked it with everyday and she knew I would tell him so she said to make sure he doesn’t tell anyone and then she said “see you on Monday”.

I went home and my relative was waiting for me to get the details because he had no idea where I went. First thing I did was slap him in the face with the panties I stole and said guess who’s panties these are? He had no idea, and then I told him and he went buck wild! He understood the seriousness of the situation so he never spoke on it to anyone.

So, now it was on. On Monday when i got back to school it was weird, it was like she started dressing a little more sexier. She was wild, and I remember the first time she told me to come see her in her class during lunch. I simply thought she wanted to say hi, but soon as I walked in she told me to shut the door and she “my English teacher” dropped to her knees and started giving me head! Yes, fucking crazy ain’t it. It got crazier. She would give me her car keys and I would take her car home, she would get a ride home from another teacher and I would use her car to get to her house later that night. Oh yea, and I remember the first time she took me to the Hilton hotel. She told me to stay in the car until she came back to give me the room number then told me to wait like 15min before I came up. As I walked into the room I saw rose pedals, candles, and she was wearing fishnets waiting bent over in doggy style! Yes, I must remind you as I reminded myself, this is my English teacher!

Well, as this went on, she began to like me and got really possessive and jealous of my friends in school that she heard had a crush on me. Some times she would walk in the quad to say hello to the kids just to be next to me without anyone knowing.

So, here is where the crazy shit came out. One day, she gave me some pictures of her, and some of them were her wedding pictures with the guy cut out. I didn’t care, it wasn’t my business. Then she tells me she wants to talk to me about something real serious. She tells me how much she really loves me and how she wants to be with me. I didn’t

feel the same, it was just sex to me. She tells me that she is going through a divorce and she hated the guy. She knew I sold guns and she knew that I was connected with good people and bad people. So, she told me to swear I wouldn’t say this to anyone if I didn’t want to do it and I said okay what’s up? She looked me straight in my eyes and told me she wants to pay $10,000 to have her husband killed and wanted to know if I would or if I know someone who would do it? I was nervous in a serious way about this! I told her I would think about it. I had no intentions on taking her up on this, because money was no issue for me in high school, I carried at least $500 a day on me. I went home and told my relative and he was shocked and said “man you should leave her alone, she’s crazy”. After that conversation with her, I pretty much backed off from her and she would constantly page me asking me if I made up my mind yet? I told her I didn’t need the money and I didn’t have anyone who wanted to do it, even though I asked no one. She seemed to bug out a little more, she gave me a piece of paper with his home address with a time schedule of when he leaves to go to work and when he comes home and when he goes to the gym. She told me to keep it just in case, but I threw it away! It was hard to give up the ass but I had to, this had got too crazy. So, the first thing I had to do was stop returning her calls when she paged me. As the school year passed, graduation was soon coming up and I knew I would be leaving the high school soon anyway. I stayed in her class, but everything stayed the same because we never showed any affection because we couldn’t, so no one knew that we had pretty much split up. It was weird, she was really hurt. I had no emotional attachment to her at all. I guess it was then I learned how to separate “love from sex” and it’s helped me ever since. I forgot to tell you that she did take me to meet her mom and family, and not as a student, but her student she was seeing.

So, for all of you since high school who always wondered about this, there you have it. The rumor is true, I was tapping that ass on my English teacher. Persons name & school name are confidential. Always remember, “those who tell, don’t know, and those who know, don’t tell”.

Goldie DeWitt

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