Pedigree Check

LIFE HAS REALLY CHANGED IN A VERY BAD WAY. People are weak as fuck. Men are not men anymore. Males are being raised by females that have no respect for men cause they hate their kids father and that little boy is being raised with no male influence but only the female influence of his mother putting him in the position to adopt female ways. In addition when a boy is being raised by his mom only, and he is the youngest with all his sisters being older than him, he is being raised by a house full of females that have no respect for men and that boy will never have the privilege of being groomed by a man and learn anything from a man that will help him to achieve Alpha status in his life. On the other hand non of his sisters will ever have any respect for a man or the man they chose to date. These females will always bump heads with the man they date especially if that man is a Alpha man. These females grew up in a household where they were the Alpha over their brother cause their brother was a sissy and they bullied him through out his entire childhood to teenager life and beyond and there was no Father in their home either. These females will never accept a man being equal to them or above them. They will challenge everything and never show respect to a man.

That’s right you heard it first from yours truly “GOLDIE DEWITT” breaking it down letting you know why yo woman is so fucking rude, inconsiderate, and disrespectful. Also for you ladies who always wondered why you GOT ISSUES, you better listen it, shit is real and you best know yo dude is so sick & tired of yo ass in the worst way!

So, ladies make sure you do a human pedigree check on that man and gentlemen you also better make sure you do a human pedigree check on that woman.

**Do not have any kids.
**Do not get married.

You do either one, just remembered I told yo stupid ass not to!!



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