My Word to you all

I know you going through a tough time right now with Friendships, Relationships, & Trust. Here’s a secret I wanna share with you. “You gotta let them go”. Some people are not meant to be in your life for a long time and you can’t put yourself in the middle of the door trying to prevent them from leaving. If someone wants to leave, “let them go”.

Unfortunately so many people trying to hold on to something they simply need to let go of. Using up so much wasted energy on something that’s not going anywhere instead of applying that energy to something positive, something that can put you in a better position.

You must find the happiness within yourself. You must find confidence within yourself. You must detach yourself from negative people & negative situations.

Just because you made friends with someone doesn’t mean it’s for life. It doesn’t mean you need to share secrets with them. It doesn’t mean they won’t lie to you. God has already set a time limit on that friendship but unfortunately neither one of you know when that time will be up and not knowing what the reason will be for that person moving on. It’s a Chapter in your book and when it’s time to turn the page you must do just that. Turn the page, let them go.

Just because you had sex with someone new doesn’t mean that it’s gonna turn into a relationship. Sex is not love and love is not sex. Sex is really simply something 2 people have in common and they simply enjoy each others erotic company. If one is looking for a relationship from one that simply enjoys sex, then their was a miscommunication in the formal greeting at hello. Keep it 100% and be grown up about your wants & intentions. No need to beat around the bush. I still want to apply the above to this as well. We never know how long someone is gonna be in our lives cause it’s not up to us. If someone wants to go, you must let them go!

Trust is the big deal breaker for most people. Trust is something that you will learn more about as you get older and wiser. At 45 years old I find myself not trusting nobody. I feel that people just gonna do whatever they see fit for the situation regardless of what ever promises they made to who ever. It is what it is. You want to believe someone when they tell you something they gonna do or not gonna do, but even if they follow through with doing what they said they gonna do, don’t mean they gonna be consistent with it and the moment they don’t fulfill that promise they have violated the trust you have for them. So why base it on Trust? Just base it on them doing it or not and if they do it, cool, but if not, you already had a back up plan cause you wasn’t depending on them.

You need to know that people will lie to you. People will hurt your feelings. People will come through your life and take what they can. People will try to destroy you. With all this I want you to know it’s not your fault. You are a good person and unfortunately ungrateful people seek kind hearted people they can take advantage of and manipulate, but you are in the position to cut them lose, close that door and move on.

So, in closing I want you to know when you do that through the rain and the pain I want you to keep smiling.

Much love & respect,



2 thoughts on “My Word to you all”

  1. The motto i live By..
    life is too short to waste time on meaningless things and people..
    live life cause you only get 1 chance.
    Hold no grudges and have no regrets.
    You can’t go backwards, let the past go and focus on today..

    Xoxo 💋
    Ms. Talley

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