He knocked my bitch

He knocked my bitch in 1988…. That’s how we met. I was about 17 years old but mature enough to know I would never fight over a bitch. She was my first official girlfriend but I wasn’t in love with her. I couldn’t hate on him cause he was fucking with her for 1 reason and that’s what I couldn’t hate on. He was a young hustler just like me and I knew we could be better friends than enemies. So through the years of our friendship we’ve kept a healthy grown man relationship helping each other out with sharing industry resources and ultimately I ended up Directing my very own xxx porno line and being able to hire my friend and now get him free pussy and pay him for fucking them!
Me and Mr. Marcus can sit back and laugh at it now but I did smash his chick years later. Not because he smashed mine, but simply because she threw it at me. I must say it caught me off guard. She was a freak way beyond my freak level at the time. She told me I could only fuck her in the ass! So, that’s what I did. It was a one time gig and that was it. Well, as you can see after all these years NO female has come between this real deal grown man friendship. Here we are today 30 years of friendship and still loving life with lots of fun stories to share. Of yeah and I can’t lie, me and my cousin eventually RAN A TRAIN on that same girl several months later! “Cause that’s what she wanted”. She was a sexual beast and im assuming Marcus had a lot to do with grooming her. She still cool with me and she still cool with Marcus.
If anybody really knows me, they know that to be my friend you must really be on some grown up shit. If I don’t fuck with you, it’s truly because you fucked up or you just a fucking loser in life.
Oh snap I just remembered one night at one of Marcus’s valentine day birthday parties he asked me to take his female friend home and on the way SHE BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!! seriously real talk!
I’m not sure if Marcus low key smashed anyone from my stable over the years but I wouldn’t put it past the female. I’d expect him to want to smash any if my chicks cause I kept a pocket full of DIMES!
My friend Mr. Marcus has been through a lot in his personal life and business career and I’d like to say I’m very proud of him for standing tall fighting the fight and not giving up. Living under a celebrity type spot light lifestyle is nothing easy. People expect so much from you and think you can handle anything. Not understanding he bleeds just like you. I’m proud of you my friend. From seeing you locked up in West Valley jail like 28 years ago to raising a beautiful daughter that’s about to graduate college and continue on to further her college education on a scholarship!
Forever your friend,

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