Attention Men

Females are way more kinky nasty and perverted than men.

If your chick is lame, corny, or whacked it’s because you don’t have what it takes to bring it out of her.

I don’t give a fuck what she says to you. She can tell you:
She’s never done it before.
She will never do it.
It’s nothing she’s into.
It does nothing for her.
She just not into it.

ALL THAT’S FUCKING HORSE SHIT!!! All that’s because she hasn’t met the right man to make her feel comfortable enough to do it and not be judged and enjoy it. Or she lying!

Take my fucking word I speak the raw truth with real life experience behind what I say.

I’m gonna say 99% of all females are naturally kinky nasty dirty minded perverted as fuck!! Now if you unfortunately got yo ass stuck with that 1% psychological fucked up in the head bitch that is boring, lame, equal to fucking a dead body, then you must make up your mind to stay with her, dump her, or just keep her cause it’s cheaper and get you a “sparing partner” to keep you in shape!

A woman who is confident, secure, and sexually turned on by you and trust you but most of all share a strong sexual chemistry with you will blow your fucking mind and take you to sexual levels you never thought you’d ever experience or knew existed! A real woman can teach you stuff about sex no other man can teach you. Trust me.

Chemistry is the main component to a hot sexual relationship. It’s not the size of a man’s dick, or a chicks ass or tits. It’s chemistry. I’ve knocked down many chicks that spoke on being with guys that huge retarded monster dicks and I’ve come out rated as being there best SMASH ever! Why? Cause sexual chemistry, sex appeal, and knowing a woman’s body are major components to achieving the best climatic orgasmic climax a woman can have. A woman’s climax doesn’t come from the size of a man’s dick but how he can stimulate her in that right spot with using EVERYTHING his body, mind, energy, scent, and chemistry has to offer.

I will be 46 years old in 2 days. I been fucking since I was 13 years old and 95% of all the ladies I smashed have been older than me. So my teachings and influence have come directly from females older than me. I consider myself a master at my craft and I’m still learning. 1 thing for sure the older I get the more kinky I’ve seen myself transition into truly enjoying everything about a woman’s body, energy, ora, scent, feel, look, walk, body language, and so much more.

I hope this was somewhat educational for you and hope it pulls back a layer to help you explore yourself and your partner. If not, someone else will.

Thanks for reading.

Good luck,

Goldie DeWitt

YES these are my words copy right 2018.

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