My Birthday Thank you

May 25th is 1 day behind me and I now have 364 days left to learn and do as much as I can before I turn 47 years old. So, during this year while living the life of a 46 year old man I will continue to live, learn, enjoy, and appreciate life and each day I blessed to wake up and pay it forward. I know God has a plan for me and I recognize I’m here to help people, not hurt people so if you find yourself or someone you know being cut off, it’s simply do me me knowing it’s for the best because you were interfering with God’s plan.

I wake up with a mission and start each day with a purpose and I go to sleep with plans of waking up to making my next day better than my day before.

Thank you to each one of you that wished me a happy birthday because you knew or because you stumbled across a post that lead you in to drop me a line. It was acknowledged and appreciated. I take nothing for granted and your time energy efforts are deeply felt by me. I have not had a chance to check my inbox yet for those that like to stay off the grid. You will hear from me soon.

I hope you all turn the page and mature up on life. I hope I can motivate some of you to recognize we must all reach for a better life a healthier life a safer life. We must encourage each other to reach for the top and stop conveniencing each other to quit and give up. You must be careful on who you listen to and take advice from. Put yourself around people that have resources to enable you to move forward and advance in life and get away from people that are negative and stuck in the mud and living miserable.

Everything I spoke on above is for those from age 13 – 99 years old and what I said above is timeless and will apply forever no matter when someone reads this.

Today being May 26, 2018 exactly 1 day after my 46th birthday I wanna say I’m so blessed to be alive and still here on Earth able to help and provide to those out there that are willing to learn. I’m blessed to be here for those that love me, need me, and feel they couldn’t live without me.

Thank you God.


DeWitt Vercher III

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