Ladies & Your Feet

Ladies there is a difference between physically FUCKED UP TOES and Feet that get NO Pedicure.

I understand 1 of them ain’t your fault and the other one is a responsibility. I feel if you were born with Toes that are physically fucked up, looking like a 4 freeway interchange, you should just wear closed toe shoes to avoid someone looking down and making you feel uncomfortable or offending you. I do feel it’s unfair and fucked up to crack jokes on something like that being it’s something she had no choice in the matter when she was born.

On the other hand if a woman is wearing open toe shoes, or sandals and you can see all her toes and the heel of her feet and toes are super fucking busted with corns, scrapes, cuts, no polish, about 90% of the Polish chipped off, black crusty heels with deep dry cuts and caked in black dry soiled in dirt in her feet and heels of her feet, I personally look at this chick as 1 stank skank dirty nasty filthy trashy ratchet gutter ass bitch that needs her ass whooped!! Ass whooped by me in a way where I sit her tacky ass down in a chair in a bright room on a huge piece of bright white paper with a hand held mirror and make her look at her tore up ass nasty busted ass feet up close!! Show her some up close photos of her feet from front to back with my $10k camera that shows the finest of details with my Macro lens!!

Explain to her why it’s so stupid for her to be saving money for boob implants or butt injections when her feet are busted as fuck! Explain to her how important and vital good looking feet are to a man. How some men see a woman’s feet as a reflection on how she takes care of her pussy. If a woman got beat up nasty feet and don’t take care of them, what’s the chances her pussy is clean and well kept? Probably not!

No man wants to see a woman who put effort into her face and hair but got the nerves to not take care of her feet. That’s a huge no no! And you wonder why he smashed and DASHED on you. Maybe you had on closed toe shoes when he met you and the first time he smashed is when he ran across yo Arizona asphalt feet that almost made him throw up on you! But he managed to finish up bust his nutt and high tail it out of there!

Ladies you have no excuses for having feet that show evidence of not having a Pedicure on a regular. Your feet needs your attention just like your mouth does with brushing your teeth!

No man likes a woman with crusty ass busted feet! Other women don’t even like seeing that shit!!

If I ever get my own “1DOWN TOWN” I will personally make it a Misdemeanor crime punishable by 3 months jail time for a woman to have crusty feet! I’m serious!

Ladies you best know I’m saying this to help you. I’m saying this to better your relationship. I’m saying this to ladies that are single as well.

And YES I’m directly saying this to those ladies on my Facebook that know their feet are busted and fucked up from not taking they ass to get a pedicure on a regular. Yeah you! Don’t make me name drop on yo ass!

So yes you best know I do check out yo feet if you come around me trying to show them off. It can be you or yo momma, I’m looking!  It don’t mean I’m trying to smash, it just mean I’m discreetly looking at what you showing off.

So tomorrow take yo ass in to get a Pedicure and get off yo lazy stank ass and start grooming yoself the way a lady is supposed to take care of herself.

If yo man ain’t saying nothing to you about yo crusty ass feet it’s because his side bitch got some soft beautiful suckable delicious feet and he ain’t even concerned about you anymore.

That’s my word, do with it what you want. But you best know I speak the truth and I CUT DEEP TO THE WHITE MEAT!!

Much love and respect,

Goldie DeWitt
“My words don’t steal” copy right 2018

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