Black Homosexuality

THE RAPID INCREASE OF PROMOTING BLACK HOMOSEXUAL BEHAVIOR IS A RACIST ATTACK BY THE USA GOVERNMENT. A homosexual black man can’t naturally reproduce with a woman for procreation of the black race. A homosexual black man separates the true natural Family structure of a mom and dad household neglecting the birth child it’s biological father subjecting that child to a stereotypical upbringing with no father. A homosexual black man is the fuel to the Governments goal of eliminating the black race.

2 things a racist man will never fear about a Black man.
**A homosexual black man.
**A homeless black man.

A homosexual blacm man is a sign of weakness. A sign of failure. A sign of giving up. A sign of not wanting to reproduce the black race. A sign of rejecting the black woman. A sign of that black man not fertilizing another race. A sign of spreading HIV/Aids with the gay community. A sign of that black man being no competition in the hunt for pussy.

A homeless black man shows failure. Shows a broken household. A lost father. No future for a black family. No threat to loosing a job to him. Police job security. Someone to blame crime on. 1 less black person that could end up with a Government job, or to be a Politician, Lawyer, Doctor, etc.

Why did I write this? Simply to shine light on the rapid steady increase in black homosexuality and the increase in black homeless men to have you see it in such a way you never saw it.

I did not write this to insight any racist hate chatter. I have nothing against no other person’s skin color. You cool with me, I’m cool with you. I’m not against homosexuality, and I’m not for it. I’m against homosexuality of not adding to the human race by not being able to contribute to procreation. Don’t give me that adoption bullshit, cause still again you depending on a woman’s unfortunate situation and that’s not natural. Anyway, I know what I said is not offensive but it’s debatable by those that are pro homosexual.

Black Homosexuality is being TELEVISED main stream more and more and mark my word, it’s a hidden Government attack on the black Family, black people, black man, and black woman. Yes same for 2 black females, they can’t reproduce naturally either.

DO THIS FOR ME!!!!! Google: What is the population of Black people in the USA? Then you come back and tell me does it look like black people can afford to lessen it’s own procreation with homosexuality!

It’s easier for the Government to have blacks self exterminate themselves vs the Government take out the blacks the way they did the Indians.


Goldie DeWitt

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