My Right To Live Happy

I got the right to live happy and that’s what I choose to do! Life is about having fun. If you living miserable and trying to make other people’s lives miserable, do us all a favor and just kill yoself.

Misery loves company. I welcome all miserable people to join the rest of your folks in hell and leave us Positive, Beautiful, Fun, Outgoing, Awesome Spirited people here on Earth to coexist with each other.


Goldie DeWitt

To ALL The Ladies

YOU stumbled across him on Instagram:
•U check his Profile picture.
•He rides a Harley Davidson.
.He is handsome.
•He inboxed you.
•You reply, all excited.
•You’ll want 2 hook up.
•You set a date.
•You dress up that Legging With No underwear.
•Smelling good.
•You put on a make up – fresh breath and new weave.
•He takes you 4 lunch @ Serena Hotel.
•He Takes you for – Drinks At Java.
•You two have a good time.
•He rubs your hand,
•Makes you laugh,
•Gives you looks and smiles.
•You stupidly fall in love.
•It’s like you’ve known him Forever.
•He takes you to his apartment.
•He makes you feel comfortable and lays u on his bed.
•Kiss you passionately.
•You love his aggression, strength, power and you give in.
•It feels good.
•You know it’s wrong, but it feels good.
•You ask for protection, he says it’s too late.
•You obey and don’t disturb.
•He says he loves you and you don’t hesitate to say you love him too. He hits it nice and slow
•After, he goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water.
•He helps you drink it, ooohh man.
•You feel special.
•”He must be the one” you think to yourself.
•You get dressed.
•He takes you to the taxi park.
•He kisses you on the cheeks and says
•”I had a great time,”
•Gives You cash.
•U smile and say.
•”See you tomorrow babe.”
• He stays silent.
•Your taxi drives away,
•In the taxi u can’t stop smiling.
•You get home and inbox him that you got home safe.
•He is online, but doesn’t reply.
•It’s unlike him, so you inbox him again.
•He doesn’t respond.
•Minutes later you can’t find him on ur friend list.
•Days, weeks, months passes by.
•You start feeling sick, weak, loose weight, act strange with sores in your mouth.
•You go to the clinic.
•Get tested.
•Minutes later,
•Nurse walks in.”I’m sorry. You’re HIV Positive and Pregnant!”
•”.HOW ?”
•You don’t understand.
•Reality hits you.
•You walk home.
•You go to the bus stop.
•You lay, hopeless, emotionless.
•You see death coming nearer.
•You look into the sky & mumble a prayer.
That’s the end of you.
Don’t be that girl !Live well. Stop Chasing Material Things. Stop chasing SPONSORS!!
Be A Girl You Want Your Daughter To Be!

No Love For The Weak!

ONLY THE STRONG SURVIVE!! Most of you read stuff like this and see it as entertainment, but real mutherfuckers see it as truth in surviving in this wicked back stabbing world we live in today.

I wake up each day knowing today could be my last day. So it sets me in my proper state of mind to navigate through my day not trusting nobody and keeping a close eye on everybody. I know I gotta hit these streets showing strength and being able to back it up in the event I’m tested.

We living in a real life world of THE BIG EAT THE LITTLE. The little is equal to the weak. Being weak is nothing beneficial to a man in no type way. A man must be strong and represent strength and power 24/7.

At some point you will be tested and what comes from that will be glued to your resume that builds the reputation of the person you stand as today. Be smart and make that move your best move!

I say this with paying RESPECT to those that live by it:

Goldie DeWitt

Ladies & Your Feet

Ladies there is a difference between physically FUCKED UP TOES and Feet that get NO Pedicure.

I understand 1 of them ain’t your fault and the other one is a responsibility. I feel if you were born with Toes that are physically fucked up, looking like a 4 freeway interchange, you should just wear closed toe shoes to avoid someone looking down and making you feel uncomfortable or offending you. I do feel it’s unfair and fucked up to crack jokes on something like that being it’s something she had no choice in the matter when she was born.

On the other hand if a woman is wearing open toe shoes, or sandals and you can see all her toes and the heel of her feet and toes are super fucking busted with corns, scrapes, cuts, no polish, about 90% of the Polish chipped off, black crusty heels with deep dry cuts and caked in black dry soiled in dirt in her feet and heels of her feet, I personally look at this chick as 1 stank skank dirty nasty filthy trashy ratchet gutter ass bitch that needs her ass whooped!! Ass whooped by me in a way where I sit her tacky ass down in a chair in a bright room on a huge piece of bright white paper with a hand held mirror and make her look at her tore up ass nasty busted ass feet up close!! Show her some up close photos of her feet from front to back with my $10k camera that shows the finest of details with my Macro lens!!

Explain to her why it’s so stupid for her to be saving money for boob implants or butt injections when her feet are busted as fuck! Explain to her how important and vital good looking feet are to a man. How some men see a woman’s feet as a reflection on how she takes care of her pussy. If a woman got beat up nasty feet and don’t take care of them, what’s the chances her pussy is clean and well kept? Probably not!

No man wants to see a woman who put effort into her face and hair but got the nerves to not take care of her feet. That’s a huge no no! And you wonder why he smashed and DASHED on you. Maybe you had on closed toe shoes when he met you and the first time he smashed is when he ran across yo Arizona asphalt feet that almost made him throw up on you! But he managed to finish up bust his nutt and high tail it out of there!

Ladies you have no excuses for having feet that show evidence of not having a Pedicure on a regular. Your feet needs your attention just like your mouth does with brushing your teeth!

No man likes a woman with crusty ass busted feet! Other women don’t even like seeing that shit!!

If I ever get my own “1DOWN TOWN” I will personally make it a Misdemeanor crime punishable by 3 months jail time for a woman to have crusty feet! I’m serious!

Ladies you best know I’m saying this to help you. I’m saying this to better your relationship. I’m saying this to ladies that are single as well.

And YES I’m directly saying this to those ladies on my Facebook that know their feet are busted and fucked up from not taking they ass to get a pedicure on a regular. Yeah you! Don’t make me name drop on yo ass!

So yes you best know I do check out yo feet if you come around me trying to show them off. It can be you or yo momma, I’m looking!  It don’t mean I’m trying to smash, it just mean I’m discreetly looking at what you showing off.

So tomorrow take yo ass in to get a Pedicure and get off yo lazy stank ass and start grooming yoself the way a lady is supposed to take care of herself.

If yo man ain’t saying nothing to you about yo crusty ass feet it’s because his side bitch got some soft beautiful suckable delicious feet and he ain’t even concerned about you anymore.

That’s my word, do with it what you want. But you best know I speak the truth and I CUT DEEP TO THE WHITE MEAT!!

Much love and respect,

Goldie DeWitt
“My words don’t steal” copy right 2018

My Birthday Thank you

May 25th is 1 day behind me and I now have 364 days left to learn and do as much as I can before I turn 47 years old. So, during this year while living the life of a 46 year old man I will continue to live, learn, enjoy, and appreciate life and each day I blessed to wake up and pay it forward. I know God has a plan for me and I recognize I’m here to help people, not hurt people so if you find yourself or someone you know being cut off, it’s simply do me me knowing it’s for the best because you were interfering with God’s plan.

I wake up with a mission and start each day with a purpose and I go to sleep with plans of waking up to making my next day better than my day before.

Thank you to each one of you that wished me a happy birthday because you knew or because you stumbled across a post that lead you in to drop me a line. It was acknowledged and appreciated. I take nothing for granted and your time energy efforts are deeply felt by me. I have not had a chance to check my inbox yet for those that like to stay off the grid. You will hear from me soon.

I hope you all turn the page and mature up on life. I hope I can motivate some of you to recognize we must all reach for a better life a healthier life a safer life. We must encourage each other to reach for the top and stop conveniencing each other to quit and give up. You must be careful on who you listen to and take advice from. Put yourself around people that have resources to enable you to move forward and advance in life and get away from people that are negative and stuck in the mud and living miserable.

Everything I spoke on above is for those from age 13 – 99 years old and what I said above is timeless and will apply forever no matter when someone reads this.

Today being May 26, 2018 exactly 1 day after my 46th birthday I wanna say I’m so blessed to be alive and still here on Earth able to help and provide to those out there that are willing to learn. I’m blessed to be here for those that love me, need me, and feel they couldn’t live without me.

Thank you God.


DeWitt Vercher III

Attention Men

Females are way more kinky nasty and perverted than men.

If your chick is lame, corny, or whacked it’s because you don’t have what it takes to bring it out of her.

I don’t give a fuck what she says to you. She can tell you:
She’s never done it before.
She will never do it.
It’s nothing she’s into.
It does nothing for her.
She just not into it.

ALL THAT’S FUCKING HORSE SHIT!!! All that’s because she hasn’t met the right man to make her feel comfortable enough to do it and not be judged and enjoy it. Or she lying!

Take my fucking word I speak the raw truth with real life experience behind what I say.

I’m gonna say 99% of all females are naturally kinky nasty dirty minded perverted as fuck!! Now if you unfortunately got yo ass stuck with that 1% psychological fucked up in the head bitch that is boring, lame, equal to fucking a dead body, then you must make up your mind to stay with her, dump her, or just keep her cause it’s cheaper and get you a “sparing partner” to keep you in shape!

A woman who is confident, secure, and sexually turned on by you and trust you but most of all share a strong sexual chemistry with you will blow your fucking mind and take you to sexual levels you never thought you’d ever experience or knew existed! A real woman can teach you stuff about sex no other man can teach you. Trust me.

Chemistry is the main component to a hot sexual relationship. It’s not the size of a man’s dick, or a chicks ass or tits. It’s chemistry. I’ve knocked down many chicks that spoke on being with guys that huge retarded monster dicks and I’ve come out rated as being there best SMASH ever! Why? Cause sexual chemistry, sex appeal, and knowing a woman’s body are major components to achieving the best climatic orgasmic climax a woman can have. A woman’s climax doesn’t come from the size of a man’s dick but how he can stimulate her in that right spot with using EVERYTHING his body, mind, energy, scent, and chemistry has to offer.

I will be 46 years old in 2 days. I been fucking since I was 13 years old and 95% of all the ladies I smashed have been older than me. So my teachings and influence have come directly from females older than me. I consider myself a master at my craft and I’m still learning. 1 thing for sure the older I get the more kinky I’ve seen myself transition into truly enjoying everything about a woman’s body, energy, ora, scent, feel, look, walk, body language, and so much more.

I hope this was somewhat educational for you and hope it pulls back a layer to help you explore yourself and your partner. If not, someone else will.

Thanks for reading.

Good luck,

Goldie DeWitt

YES these are my words copy right 2018.

He knocked my bitch

He knocked my bitch in 1988…. That’s how we met. I was about 17 years old but mature enough to know I would never fight over a bitch. She was my first official girlfriend but I wasn’t in love with her. I couldn’t hate on him cause he was fucking with her for 1 reason and that’s what I couldn’t hate on. He was a young hustler just like me and I knew we could be better friends than enemies. So through the years of our friendship we’ve kept a healthy grown man relationship helping each other out with sharing industry resources and ultimately I ended up Directing my very own xxx porno line and being able to hire my friend and now get him free pussy and pay him for fucking them!
Me and Mr. Marcus can sit back and laugh at it now but I did smash his chick years later. Not because he smashed mine, but simply because she threw it at me. I must say it caught me off guard. She was a freak way beyond my freak level at the time. She told me I could only fuck her in the ass! So, that’s what I did. It was a one time gig and that was it. Well, as you can see after all these years NO female has come between this real deal grown man friendship. Here we are today 30 years of friendship and still loving life with lots of fun stories to share. Of yeah and I can’t lie, me and my cousin eventually RAN A TRAIN on that same girl several months later! “Cause that’s what she wanted”. She was a sexual beast and im assuming Marcus had a lot to do with grooming her. She still cool with me and she still cool with Marcus.
If anybody really knows me, they know that to be my friend you must really be on some grown up shit. If I don’t fuck with you, it’s truly because you fucked up or you just a fucking loser in life.
Oh snap I just remembered one night at one of Marcus’s valentine day birthday parties he asked me to take his female friend home and on the way SHE BLEW MY SOCKS OFF!! seriously real talk!
I’m not sure if Marcus low key smashed anyone from my stable over the years but I wouldn’t put it past the female. I’d expect him to want to smash any if my chicks cause I kept a pocket full of DIMES!
My friend Mr. Marcus has been through a lot in his personal life and business career and I’d like to say I’m very proud of him for standing tall fighting the fight and not giving up. Living under a celebrity type spot light lifestyle is nothing easy. People expect so much from you and think you can handle anything. Not understanding he bleeds just like you. I’m proud of you my friend. From seeing you locked up in West Valley jail like 28 years ago to raising a beautiful daughter that’s about to graduate college and continue on to further her college education on a scholarship!
Forever your friend,