R.I.P. LaJuan

Today I get dressed this morning of July 21, 2017 to lay my best friend ever to rest. We were like twins in High School. He was the brother I never had, that really became my real life brother. We were like peanut butter and jelly! We were closer than Buttcheeks!

I bumped into him the first week of High school in the 9th grade and he walked home with me and I asked my mom if he could stay the night, and he ended up staying the night for 4 years until we graduated in the 12th grade!

This is the first time someone has passed-away that was really really close to me growing up. I always said, if they ever made a movie about me, he would be the person the Director would need to get in touch with to get some funny real life stories from someone that really knows me from the root. Well, Looks like a lot of good times in the past will simply stay good memories just between those they were shared with.

His name is Fernando LaJuan McKinley. He spoke no spanish and his mom & dad are Black. He went by La Juan. But he had a few nic names: Juan Low, Moby, Six Pack, Six, Sup.

We lived a fun life growing up. We both played 4 years of High school football, we walked to school together, we walked home from school together, we was both nominated for Home Coming Court but of course I got the Crown to be nominated King, but when I won, WE WON!! We both felt the joy and so did the entire Court cause the entire court was all my close friends! When I say close friends I mean it in a real special way of true friendship. Not this bullshit thats out there today. I’m still SOLID with each person I had a friendship with in High School if I was to see them in the streets. I had a “posse” in High School and I named us “J.L.P.” Just Loc Posse. It was our click.

Thank you La Juan for providing me with a brother and best friend throughout high school. We had the best of times. We experienced the real life Porkys High!!

I will forever miss you.

“Watch over me bro”.

Goldie DeWitt

Attention Ladies!!!

There is absolutely nothing healthy on TV for females. Every tv show aimed for the female audience is based on Cheating, lying, arguing, fighting, disrespect, drugs, breaking up, divorce, deception, hate, anger, betrayal, backstabbing, quitting, giving up, not trusting men, not trusting females, torn relationships, and absolutely nothing positive.

If you a female and you take part in watching any of these tv shows you are destroying yourself and your relationship. If you take part in watching any of these tv shows your boyfriend or husband is having less interest and less respect for you every day. He hates it that you sit there and watch that bullshit. It’s very disappointing for him to see you contaminate yourself and your relationship with that unhealthy bullshit and you too stupid and selfish to realize it. He walks by that tv each time wanting to kick that fucking tv over! He’s also too disappointed to even look at you as he walks by cause who he looking at isn’t the woman he fell in love with or the woman he’s attracted to anymore. He’s so disgusted and disappointed in you!

LADIES YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU FEED YOUR BRAIN AND WHAT YOU PUT IN YOUR MOUTH. You living more unhealthy than ever before and you killing yourself, your family, and your relationship.

Trust me and everything I said above. It’s 111% true.

Good luck,

Goldie DeWitt

What a Dick!

So unfortunate how rude & disrespectful people are now a days when trying to conduct business with them.  People really take things for granted now a days.

I called this guy in regards to a email he sent me about his product not being in stock that I ordered.  His energy was rude from the start and it only got worse but I kept my composure when I really wanted to curse his ass out.

You tell me after you listen to the phone call.  Was he rude & unprofessional?

Click here to listen to the call.


Goldie DeWitt

Fuck Yo Butter!

So…. I’m at Panera Bread and this old man comes and sits to the left of me. I respect his age and his journey through life but he kinda got under my skin.

He asked me to move my stuff from the table that sat in the middle of the 2 chairs, and of course I said no problem. I then proceeded to be kind enough to ask him if he’d like me to move the table because I saw that he was getting ready to relocate the table in front of his chair. He then gets cocky offended and looks at me and says “why would you offer to move the table? Do you think I’m incapable of moving the table?” I said no I don’t think you are incapable of moving the table I simply offered to be kind. He says your kindness will kill me. I just looked at him and didn’t say anything and he positioned the table in front of himself and sat down.

Well, just moments after he’s sitting there putting butter on his toast and I saw him drop his butter. Then he was looking for it. Well, normally I would have simply reached over grabbed that butter off the floor and given it to that person, but in this case, FUCK THAT! Let him find his own butter and get it cause I’m not trying to get another ear full of back talk from a old cat that looked at me like he’d spit on me if this was the 1940’s.

I guess you’d have to have been in my shoes to feel that shit. But even the people sitting near looked at me with a facial expression of “wow, that old guy is on one.”

His name is Robert aka Bob. I over heard it.

Well, cheers to Bob you old mean dude 🙂 At 45 Im assuming I have his age, but I promise if I live that long, I won’t come at nobody offering assistance to me in such a rude way.

Goldie DeWitt

Make $1,000,000

YES $1,000,000

You might look at this and say yeah it all adds up but what’s the chances of this actually becoming reality? The chances are all based on you! Based on you getting off your ass and turning a simple application of numbers in to reality! CAN THIS REALLY BE DONE? FUCK YEAH! Life is all about numbers, formulas, and applications.

Check this formula out:
*Your Fat Lazy ass laying on your couch = Depression.
*You getting out your house to grind = Opportunity!

I guarantee you that someone will utilize this formula and they will produce something more than what they had before they ever saw this. You wanna be able to take something from everything you are blessed to see or be witness to and use it somehow in your own life to better you and your situation.


Now go get rich!! “Meet you at the top baby!”

Much love & respect,


Jealousy and Envy

The other day posted my feelings on a situation. I’ve deleted it cause it did what I needed it to do and there’s no reason to keep it up anymore but my feelings about it will never change. I stand 111% solid behind every single word and emotion that was expressed.

I’m glad I wrote what I wrote and put it out there the way I did. It once again showed me just how much of a Cancer that jealousy and envy is amongst Black people.

I wanna say thank you to all you low class ratchet bitches on my Facebook friends list for doing exactly what I said you would. You took my Private post and you screen shot it right over to those that needed to see it. I won’t delete you cause I still need yo ugly, broke, boogawolf looking ass for more work. Stay tuned tramp.

I scroll through my Facebook from time to time and I say who the fuck is this ugly bitch with 400 mutual Guy friends that are all in motorcycle clubs? She’s a hired mouth piece!! She runs her mouth and feeds Bullshit to The Set and she’s rewarded by getting in free to some parties and low-key getting dicked down by some lame ass mutherfucker misrepresenting his club and The Set and what it supposed to stand for.

I saw so much flooded shit over the past 2 days in response to my post. Some fuckin’ lame ass fool who supposed to be a member to a lame ass club wrote: “Goldie think this shit is a lifestyle. This shit is a part time hobby.” WTF!!!! This nigga need his patches snatched and beat down!! Someone else wrote “That nigga is a bitch, he don’t come around The Set no more.” Nigga what!!! Give me 1 reason I NEED to hang around The Set? This was coming from a buster ass shit talking dude who likes to use my name for popularity. Then yesterday his WIFE decides to FOLLOW me on Facebook. CHECK YO’ BITCH BRUH. **Now look at some of these folks checking their woman’s facebook! If I was a name dropper I’d screen shot that bitch but I won’t embarrass yo bitch ass or your family. So once again, CHECK YO BITCH! Or maybe you can’t 🙂 SUCKA!!

This world is rapidly on its way to being divided into the Rich -vs- the Poor and the Strong against the Weak. The Rich will feed each other as a form of protection to stay strong. The Poor will contaminate themselves and steal from each other, never thinking to come together and help each other. Never seeing just how much they can do for each other.

It’s so unfortunate that the mind set of so many black people are trained to respond to life with Poor & Weak characteristics when black people are truly so much the opposite. But over time, history has been erased, blacks have no direction and people just don’t know better and this has also had a direct impact on The Black Motorcycle Set.

I grew up dealing with Blacks, Mexicans, Whites, and now just about every race / nationality.

In the Harley Davidson motorcycle club life the sections are pretty much split up but not racist. You have White clubs, Mexican clubs, Black clubs. They all got a different swag to them. Some have never interacted with the other. Most black clubs ONLY stick within the black boundaries within other black clubs and that’s called The Set. I won’t get into the structure of the black clubs cause it could get messy and embarrassing for the black clubs that are not about the bullshit, which are very few.

I’ve made it a point to let it be known that 1DOWN MC stay a multicultural club. Even though we are a majority Black club we have great relationships with other non black clubs. Seems like Black MC relationships are based on Money and non black Mc club relationships are based on Respect. I choose to be involved with relationships that revolve around Respect.

I wish I could rent out the Staples Center and offer $100 to every Black MC member in Southern California to come attend the biggest MC seminar hosted by GOLDIE DEWITT. I know for a fact I would make the biggest, fastest, most powerful change for the better for the black motorcycle clubs and also for black people. Trust me, we need the help. We have absolutely NO black leaders or positive black people to look up to. I wish I could name 1. So I try to be my own hero. Someone I can respect within myself. I would have to offer $100 to get them to come. Trust me!!

I don’t think I will ever mention anything else about The Set. It’s not even The Set anymore. It’s more like The Pit. There is not 1 Black person who was on The Set in the 70’s or 80’s who has any respect for it now. If so, have them contact me.

The relationships I’ve built with clubs that matter have been the best relationships my club has ever experienced and the best of times. These have all been 1%er clubs but no names needed. If you know, cool. If not, you don’t need to. I’ve learned a lot from them and I’ve NEVER and I mean NEVER had a issue. Cause on that side of the fence their is no room for mistakes. You can’t make not 1. You have to be a Professional and a master at your craft to survive and keep your patch strong, relevant, and active.

I will be in this MC lifestyle for the rest of my life. No disrespect to anyone but I don’t believe in Retirement. This was never a job to me.

I pray that God continues to watch over me and taps me on the shoulder when it’s time to go, or gives me a flat when he doesn’t want me to go somewhere.

I work hard, I play hard, I ride hard. But the hardest thing for me to do is to ignore a disrespectful mutherfucker. So if you don’t see me it’s either you I don’t like or its the disrespectful environment you put yourself around. And never forget the old saying “you hang around shit long enough, you will start to smell like it.” Anybody who knows me, knows that I like to smell good. 🙂

To all the clubs that got love for 1DOWN MC, we love you too.

To all the people that got love for me, I love you too.

Thank you for reading this.


To my stank hoe nappy headed hoodrat bitches: yes, please screen shot this to them lame ass mutherfuckers you fuck Witt.

Stand Strong

You must stand strong & stand proud for what you believe in. You gotta walk these streets like you own them, but at the same time you must pay respect forward if you NOT looking for trouble at every corner. Fact is, you might be a Bad Mutherfucker, but you not the baddest mutherfucker!

People that are intimidated of you will take your confidence as cockyness but that’s not your problem. The problem comes when that person makes the mistake and thinks they need to act on their own fear towards you. So, this puts those with confidence in a position to live a little bit more defensive than the average person.

Don’t “ACT” tough cause you WITH someone or with a certain Organization. You best remember, you gonna most likely have to walk alone at some point when you NOT WITH that person or that Organization and you better be able to handle your own.

21 years of being 1DOWN I’ve stayed consistent with holding my own, staying true to myself, staying true to my beliefs. Continuing on my path to walk tall and walk with confidence without fear or limited boundaries.

At 45 years old and being active in these streets and holding down a self made organization for 21 years, dam near half my life, I think I’ve done pretty dam good. I take pride in grooming those that come through the 1DOWN PROGRAM to be RESPONSIBLE, RESPECTFUL, AND LOYAL to our movement. It’s not easy, but 1 thing is for sure is that each person that ever comes through my life will always leave with more than what they came in with. What they will take with them that will last them a lifetime are things that they learned from me that will continue to help them navigate through life regardless if we left off on good terms or bad terms.

At 45 years old and for the thousands of people I’ve met and dealt with, there are hundreds that don’t like me, but that comes with the territory. I still gotta be me, I still gotta do me, I still gotta move forward.

So, everyday you wake up you owe it to yourself to LOOK GOOD & FEEL GOOD for you!

Much love & respect,


Life in the 4th Quarter

Yup…. Holy shit, this month I turn 45 years old. Only 15 years left until I turn 60. SHEEET!!!! Okay, fuck that it’s on! I’m gonna keep it safe and fun but for the next 10 years I’m going BALLS TO THE MUTHAFUCKIN WALL!!!

These last 10 years are pretty much the 4th quarter in a mans life for him to be the last part of his most active depending on his health. I try to stay as healthy as I can, but now I gotta step my health game up to stretch it out even more.

Yes I plan to live way past 60 years old, but I just know I wont be able to GET DOWN like I do right now with certain things. It’s just part of life, it is what it is.

But hey, I’m surprised I made it this far. I felt like I was playing in Over Time many years ago. So living this far and this long has always felt like some bonus time!

Cheers to you all. Map out your life and get the most out of it. Your time clock is ticking.

God bless us all,