Life Has Fully Changed

What up folks. It’s 10:15pm right now and I just wanted to slide you a few words.

You know life has fully changed right? You know nothing is how it used to be anymore, especially for everyone over 40 years old. The life we seeing & living today is totally different from the life we experienced while growing up.

Todays life is much more dangerous. Much more unpredictable. Black people killing black people. White people killing everybody. Terrorist killing anybody. Killing has become part of this American culture. That’s all bad.

Friendships aren’t the same.
Kids aren’t the same.
Relationships aren’t the same.

Absolutely everything about life has changed. People do things for a totally different reasons now.

Respect is done.
Trust is done.
Loyalty is done.
Promises are done.
Secrets are done.
Dedication is done.
Honor is done.
Pride is done.

A kid today will not grow up and have anyone to claim as his child hood friend he grew up with his whole life. People not staying together anymore and people relocating.

It’s really sad to see that in all actuality it seriously only feels like the world is coming to a end. People are leaving the house with hopes on killing someone and other people are leaving the house in hopes of coming back home to their family.

Nobody seems to be on the same page. Nobody seems to want to work together. Nobody seems to have interest in helping each other succeed.

If you got young kids you are raising I wish you the best. If you got teenagers you raising I wish you the best. I know it’s hard and it’s getting harder every single day.

If you financially struggling I pray for you and I hope God continues to bless you with the strength to stay strong until it’s your turn again. The key is to not give up.

If you in a fucked up relationship and you feel you’ve done everything you can to make it work but it’s just over, I pray for you too. I pray for both of you. Relationships are very hard right now. Lot’s of contamination out there. No need to name it, but hey I pray for you and your health.

These are all my true words coming straight from me as I sit here at my computer just thinking about how unbalanced and unpredictable this life is.

Everyone please be EXTRA careful throughout this Holiday season. People get real scandalous during November & December coming into Christmas. Robberies, Break-ins, Home invasions, Snatch & Grabs, and all sorts of shit. Please don’t take not 1 second for granted of allowing someone in your blind spot. Stay ready, stay protected!

Tighten up. Get serious. Trust less. Get stable. Stay protected at every level. Don’t waste money. Stay away from any place, any event, that is unsafe.

The time now is 10:32pm and I hope the 17 minutes it took me to invest in you with my words adds many more years to your life.

Thanks for reading.

Much love & respect,


Some Goldie History

These pics were taken 17 years ago in December of 2000 in Downtown, Los Angeles, CA.

I would drive from Ontario, CA to Downtown Los Angeles to distribute my 1DOWN Magazine, and pass out VIP passes to the newly opened Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen’s Club in Los Angeles, CA.
Well, during my days of walking around the Downtown Los Angeles area I started to have daily interactions with the Homeless people and soon I learned how to actually communicate with them and ultimately get to know them and hear their stories.
I noticed if I said hello to them they did not bother to respond, but if I said hello do you want $1.00, they would stop and say “yes”. So I figured I would use that as my bait and pay them for their time.
I would tell them I would pay them $1 for 1 question with the max being 5 questions. The crazy thing is that MOST ALL of them stopped at 1 question cause they didn’t like speaking too much on themselves.
It was really an amazing adventure talking and meeting these people. I heard so many real life stories that just blew me away. I met a homeless man that said he lost his job 20 years ago and he lived in Texas at the time but on the day he lost his job he got in his car and drove to California, never going home to his wife & daughter. He said he drove to California to hide & die. Said he lived in his car until it got towed away and for 17 years he’s been living in the streets never knowing anything about his wife or daughter. Another guy said his Dad left him over a Million dollars in a Trust Account back in the early 90’s but he refused to take the money cause his family hated him for getting the money and they didn’t so he left and been in the streets since then. He showed me his old ID and said all he has to do is go to the bank but he never will.
I asked one of them why do they sleep in the middle of the Sidewalk during the day time? He said “cause nobody gonna fuck you in the ass or murder you right there in the middle of the Sidewalk during the day time, but if you do sleep behind some building out of sight you might not ever be seen again.”
I asked one of them how can he walk right up to the trash can and pull out a bag and start eating what ever is in it? He said “All these people are on lunch break going back to work and they didn’t eat all their food so I know it’s fresh and they mouth is cleaner than mine!”
I ask this woman who was walking in front oh me, Why did she just lean up against the wall, pull up her dress, spread her legs and pee in front of everyone on the sidewalk? She said ain’t nobody gonna rape her in front of hundreds of people walking up & down the street, but if she goes behind a building she could get raped or killed. She said yes she’s homeless & not clean but a dirty mutherfucker will rape her.
All these people have stories. All of them lived a normal life at one point until they hit a crossroad that took them on a journey they never returned home from.
The very first photo is actually a guy I would say became my friend. That’s my Range Rover in the back with the 1DOWN sticker in the window. He told me he got government checks monthly and he would spend it on prostitutes & drugs. He told me if he ever had the opportunity to get his life together he would rather stay in the streets. He said he don’t want a cellphone, bills, rent, car payment, insurance, gas, and he don’t want to care about politics. “I could see his point, but his life isn’t for me.”
I told myself within the next few months im gonna take a ride through Downtown Los Angeles to see if I see any of these folks. I have MANY MANY more pics of Downtown homeless people I interacted with but I figured I’d just share a few pics.
Thanks for reading.

My Word to you all

I know you going through a tough time right now with Friendships, Relationships, & Trust. Here’s a secret I wanna share with you. “You gotta let them go”. Some people are not meant to be in your life for a long time and you can’t put yourself in the middle of the door trying to prevent them from leaving. If someone wants to leave, “let them go”.

Unfortunately so many people trying to hold on to something they simply need to let go of. Using up so much wasted energy on something that’s not going anywhere instead of applying that energy to something positive, something that can put you in a better position.

You must find the happiness within yourself. You must find confidence within yourself. You must detach yourself from negative people & negative situations.

Just because you made friends with someone doesn’t mean it’s for life. It doesn’t mean you need to share secrets with them. It doesn’t mean they won’t lie to you. God has already set a time limit on that friendship but unfortunately neither one of you know when that time will be up and not knowing what the reason will be for that person moving on. It’s a Chapter in your book and when it’s time to turn the page you must do just that. Turn the page, let them go.

Just because you had sex with someone new doesn’t mean that it’s gonna turn into a relationship. Sex is not love and love is not sex. Sex is really simply something 2 people have in common and they simply enjoy each others erotic company. If one is looking for a relationship from one that simply enjoys sex, then their was a miscommunication in the formal greeting at hello. Keep it 100% and be grown up about your wants & intentions. No need to beat around the bush. I still want to apply the above to this as well. We never know how long someone is gonna be in our lives cause it’s not up to us. If someone wants to go, you must let them go!

Trust is the big deal breaker for most people. Trust is something that you will learn more about as you get older and wiser. At 45 years old I find myself not trusting nobody. I feel that people just gonna do whatever they see fit for the situation regardless of what ever promises they made to who ever. It is what it is. You want to believe someone when they tell you something they gonna do or not gonna do, but even if they follow through with doing what they said they gonna do, don’t mean they gonna be consistent with it and the moment they don’t fulfill that promise they have violated the trust you have for them. So why base it on Trust? Just base it on them doing it or not and if they do it, cool, but if not, you already had a back up plan cause you wasn’t depending on them.

You need to know that people will lie to you. People will hurt your feelings. People will come through your life and take what they can. People will try to destroy you. With all this I want you to know it’s not your fault. You are a good person and unfortunately ungrateful people seek kind hearted people they can take advantage of and manipulate, but you are in the position to cut them lose, close that door and move on.

So, in closing I want you to know when you do that through the rain and the pain I want you to keep smiling.

Much love & respect,



Thinking out loud

Just chillen’ at the shop and I figured I felt like writing but not sure what to write about so I figured I’d just start typing and see where it goes.

*Relationships: It’s a struggle.
*Females: Have no positive role models.
*Men: Are becoming soft.
*Money: People act broke but they got money to blow on bullshit.
*Friends: More like people you know.
*Having a kid: These days, now is the wrong time for that.
*Getting married: If you not getting married because of Church/Religious reasons, don’t do it.
*Sex: Use a condom.
*Black people: Males & Females need to get to the gym.
*Mexican people: Black people have nothing against you, we *ALL from the hood.
*White people: It’s still not okay to use the word “Nigga”.
*Asian people: Don’t allow this American hip-hop culture to influence you.
*Middle-Eastern People: I dated a Middle-Eastern chick for about 10 years.
*Flat booty white chicks: You look so 1990.
*Flat booty black chicks: You getting blown the fuck out by these big booty Mexican chicks.
*Big booty white chicks: Where the fuck did this come from.
*Female feet: Make sure you showing your feet cause you get pedicures. Cracked heels are nothing to show off.
*Men: Need to get to the gym.
*Bad Attitude: Will ultimately land you in jail or 6 feet deep.
*Bad breath: I can’t stand those conversations.
*Nasty teeth: I look in everyone’s mouth and it’s a shame!
*Fat people: You cool, but you need to check your eating habits.
*Skinny people: Seem like they always mad.
*Fighting: Leads to shooting.

Okay well that’s enough for now of my random thoughts.

“Which 1 do you agree with the most?”


Cracks me up!


I see bitches jumping around through Facebook snapping pics of themselves claiming to be so independent running to this event, that event, pictures with this person, that person, then all of a sudden this chick is flossing saying how great it is to be in love with the man of her dreams and how perfect life is and how beautiful the roses smell.

You looking at this whacked bitch and this dusty ass dude and you just laugh. You laugh because you already know this dizzy hoe just don’t get it.

She snapping pics of her new love boo which is really some tired ass throwback broke fool everybody know ain’t shit. She just so desperate to have a man, she trying to cupcake with anybody who will take her in. Then all of a sudden she off Facebook for a week or 2 then she resurfaces with all this spiritual stuff about how good God is, and how She’s the only person she loves, and how men can’t be trusted, love is a joke, blah blah blah. So, once again you sit back and you laugh at that at hoe. Why? Because you already know this dizzy hoe just don’t get it!

*Are reading this thinking I’m talking about you? I am.
*Are you reading this thinking you know a chick that fits this description?
*Are you wanting to Share this with someone?

YOU KNOW DAM WELL I’M RIGHT ABOUT THIS WRITE UP!!!! And below it gets real serious!

Ladies keep you dam dating/love life off of Facebook. If yo shit is fucked up keep it to yourself, cause nobody on here can’t do shit for you but look at you like a fool and dudes are looking at you as the next chick he will smash & dash on.

Ladies if your relationship is good you need to keep that off of Facebook. You don’t need to be advertising to all these other stank hoes how good your situation is cause them bitches will be pushing up on your dude at any chance they get. So keep you personal life OFF FACEBOOK.

You very welcome,

Goldie DeWitt

Pedigree Check

LIFE HAS REALLY CHANGED IN A VERY BAD WAY. People are weak as fuck. Men are not men anymore. Males are being raised by females that have no respect for men cause they hate their kids father and that little boy is being raised with no male influence but only the female influence of his mother putting him in the position to adopt female ways. In addition when a boy is being raised by his mom only, and he is the youngest with all his sisters being older than him, he is being raised by a house full of females that have no respect for men and that boy will never have the privilege of being groomed by a man and learn anything from a man that will help him to achieve Alpha status in his life. On the other hand non of his sisters will ever have any respect for a man or the man they chose to date. These females will always bump heads with the man they date especially if that man is a Alpha man. These females grew up in a household where they were the Alpha over their brother cause their brother was a sissy and they bullied him through out his entire childhood to teenager life and beyond and there was no Father in their home either. These females will never accept a man being equal to them or above them. They will challenge everything and never show respect to a man.

That’s right you heard it first from yours truly “GOLDIE DEWITT” breaking it down letting you know why yo woman is so fucking rude, inconsiderate, and disrespectful. Also for you ladies who always wondered why you GOT ISSUES, you better listen it, shit is real and you best know yo dude is so sick & tired of yo ass in the worst way!

So, ladies make sure you do a human pedigree check on that man and gentlemen you also better make sure you do a human pedigree check on that woman.

**Do not have any kids.
**Do not get married.

You do either one, just remembered I told yo stupid ass not to!!



Fuck Racism

Life as we live it has transitioned before our very eyes.

Racist white people fighting White people and we on the sideline watching this shit go down.

Hate and ignorance will live forever cause it hides in the spines of cowards. To rid the land of hate and ignorance we’d have to break the backs of half of America cause we are truly a divided Nation. A Nation that was built on Slavery and still living off Slavery reinvented by our Prison system.


Goldie DeWitt