God Got Me Here

TOMORROW is My 40th Birthday!!!! I am truly blessed to have lived this long. My pops passed away at the young age of 28 years old and I had such a superstition that I would not make it past his age. I will say that with my dad passing away in the early 80’s when drugs & gang bangin’ in Los Angeles was at a all time high, it gave me direction. Growing up in the early 80’s in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by gangs & dope dealers. I’m seriously talking when guns shots & sirens was part of the nightly sounds you heard from outside and you were trained to duck below the windows and NOT peek outside and after the shots, you simply went right back to watching tv or going back to sleep. My mom moved us out of the greater Los Angeles area in 1986, just in time cause I was 13 years old and my teenage years were really bout to start getting active. If my mom had not moved, I’m sure my life would be different right now. My dads death and how he passed has been & will always be a constant reminder to me everyday on staying smart and keeping my guard up.

I see my success in living!! Living healthy, staying alive, staying out of jail, & being a positive productive person. Success is not in money.

I see my dad being proud of me cause I was successful in living beyond the years of his life that was cut so short. I see him looking at me as a success in making the right choices in life to have lived to be 40 years old.

I have been blessed to live 12 extra years of life that my dad didn’t get the chance to live, so I have lived these 12 years with him every step of the way, cause I know he has guided me away from danger & bad decisions.

So, at the age of 40 years old, my next goal is to live beyond my Grandfather who passed away at 63 years old. I got 23 years in front of me that I must carefully live to make my Grandfather happy of my success. I know I can do it, cause both my dad & grandfather are right here by my side everyday!

My Grandpa was Sr., my Dad was Jr. and I am the III, and my son is the IV. I am a living legend and I pray that my son is able to use my life as a tool & a reference to guide him through life as well, and when the time has come, I will be right there with my Grandpa & my Dad to guide & protect my son in spirit as he continues to carry on our name for many more years as we continue to succeed in LIFE….

DeWitt III
“God got me here”

Why Some Dudes Act Like Bitches

This seems to be the most common statement amongst men & woman directed at men. As a man, I can honestly say I have asked this question in regards to some guys I know. If you were to ask me, I’d say just because a guy turns 18 does not mean he’s a man, it just means he’s an adult.

I do life research everyday. I pay attention to males, females, kids, adults, animals, & just about everything. Something that I have come to realize is that WE as Americans have absolutely no requirements when it’s time for a Boy to become a Man. In the USA it’s just a numbers game. You gotta be a certain age to drive, to buy a drink, to have sex, to get married, to work, ect. None of these things we actually have to put any serious training into to make sure we can actually handle what we are getting involved in. It’s like basically if your age meets the minimum requirement, then your good to go. I don’t feel this is really good enough and this is part of the problem.

In other cultures when the time has come for a boy to convert to a man, it’s a serious transformation event. The boy must really prove that he is ready to become a man. He might have to go into the woods with a wooden knife and not come back to the village until he kills a lion and still drag that mutherfucker all the way home, or he may have to fight a very experienced grown ass man to earn his right to be recognized as a man. I’m sure you get the picture now and I’m sure you have more of a clear picture of the point I’m trying to make.

The way our culture is set up now, unfortunately boy’s are dam near trained for failure in relationships to act like a bitch! Why? Well, this is only my opinion and I am not pointing the finger at you, but I have seen this to be true in my personal research on some folks that I do know.

Now a days we have a whole lot of single moms raising kids with no dad in the house, and this little boy grows up with only having the parental influence of his mom. He’s taking in his moms ways, his moms emotions, his moms natural instincts, and is being naturally influenced by a female on decisions he should be making as a boy. Well, this boy continues to grow up he has a couple child hood friends that he socialize with, but soon his first girlfriend becomes the second real relationship in his life that he can relate to, cause his first connection relationship was with his mom. So, now we are faced with this boy still having no real grounded men in his life cause he has went from his mom, straight into a girlfriend dating relationship. Now this chick he is dating is challenged with trying to compete with how his mom spoiled him and what he is accustomed to receiving emotionally and psychologically from his mom. So, eventually they break up and now this boy is over 18 years old and he has moved out of his moms house (maybe) and now is dating another female and still this guy has never had a close male friend to learn anything from. So now we have this adult male who was raised by his mom with no dad, dating a few females through out his life with his only relationships & friendships being with females and then all of a sudden he goes through a major break up with a female he really was in love with. So now he says fuck girlfriends and he finds a friendship with a cool dude who’s really into some grown man shit. The guy he meets is really living the life of a man, in a mans way. This new friend teaches him things and turns him on to new levels in life. Taking him places & introducing him to more females then he could ever imagine and just just doing fun guy stuff.

Well, the introduction to fun is what it was, until he meets another girl. Now, that new guy friend is about to experience something he had no clue. That cool friend he was hanging with is now showing some qualities that real man can only identify to as being “Bitch Like.” He is saying to himself, wow, this dude has really flipped the script and is really acting like a bitch! Unfortunately he has no idea he is absolutely right!! The guy he met was raised solely by a woman, his only friendships have all been with females, so naturally if he ever was to bump heads with a man, his natural reactions would be more closely related to how a female would react rather than a man. This is also the same case for females who recognize this in some men they date. I’ve heard it many many times, a woman says “he acts like a bitch” in regards to a guy she dated.

I think men should not be called a man just because he is 18 years old. I think males should have to go through some type of training course then take a test to see if they can qualify to be recognized as a man to uphold grown man qualities & responsibilities. If I could start my own 1DOWN WORLD. School would end at 8th Grade, and your 4 years of High School would be called MAN TRAINING. In those 4 years, you would fellowship with all Males training for whats ahead of you when you become 18 years old. You will learn to respect Men, respect females, you will learn how to deal with a woman cheating on you, you will learn to respect the law, you will learn the importance of wearing a condom/safe sex, you will learn the importance of working to be able to feed your family, you will learn the importance of being a father and being in that household to raise your kids, you will learn to fight with your hands to defend yourself and your family, you will physically build & train your body for 4 years into a strong healthy good looking man!!

You might think I’m bullshitting but I’m 111% serious. The kids that are coming out of High School now are really doomed for disaster! **no disrespect to your kids. But I’m sure you feel what I’m saying.

DON’T LET YOUR SON GROW UP TO BE NO BITCH. Get him involved around some strong MALE positive role models. Make sure you are very involved in what he is doing and what grabs his attention.

We as MEN have enough issues dealing with the females we deal with, and is doesn’t make things any better when we have to deal with a homeboy that acts like a bitch too!

This is my word spoken straight from the heart and I defend every last word with no regret to anything I said above.

Much love,


God Has Blesses Me

My life has truly been blessed. Yes, I’ve had some bad times, but I never let them hold me down, or hold me back. I’ve learned from them and those situations have gotten me where I am today. Life is a celebration and while I’m here on earth, and God has blessed me to breath, I will continue to celebrate life and appreciate life. We all have fun & we all celebrate in our own way, but what we all share in common is Life it’s self. There is no need to frown on another Man or Woman on how he or she lives his or her life if what they are doing is making themselves happy & they ain’t hurting nobody. Learn to be happy for other people, learn to learn from other peoples happiness, learn to have fun with other people, and most of all, learn to love yourself. Sitting back judging someone on how they make themselves happy, when you live a very miserable life is self destruction! I share my photos with you because I want you to see how happy I’ve been in times through out my life and how much I appreciate life. I don’t need to show off, I’m bigger than that, showing off is for people who don’t have nothing. I got everything in the world I could ever want or need. I share with you cause I want to stimulate your passion to want more out of life, cause I want you to see that maybe you are not the only one who thinks a certain way, or show you that yes, you can really do something cause you saw me do it. I want to motivate you to want to wake up each morning and say to yourself, “I gotta get more out of life.”

Don’t be ashamed to show the world how much you love life.

Picture life as something like a cereal bowl. Life is just a Bowl. Depending on what cereal you pour into that bowl will determine how good that bowl of cereal is gonna be. So fill your life with good people, fun people, positive people, & loving people!

The people you inspire will praise you, and the other people will still be stuck trying to find the right cereal to pour into their bowl :-)

If you were to ask me, I have come to the conclusion that “Life is a temporary break from Death.” So live each breathing moment of life to the fullest!

I love you all and I thank you all for caring enough to read my words & check on me everyday.

Love life,


What Tattoos Mean To Me

Tattoos…Why and what they mean to me. First off, to answer your question, this tattoo is real. It was taken moments after I got it. The number 1 question everyone ask is “did that hurt?” Take it from me, if something looks painful, it probably was. Even though I know the pain of a tattoo, it doesn’t keep me away. It’s a different pain. I can say getting a tattoo is my release and in a sense, my drug. I find myself getting a tattoo when things in my life are kinda fucked up. Yea, I know it might sound a little strange, but hey, it works for me. This tattoo your looking at is my latest piece. As you can see, I’m my biggest

fan and if I don’t believe in myself, why should I expect anyone else to. My life is 1DOWN, it’s been there for me since 1996. Never turned on me, cheated on me, lied to me. I have nothing to hide when it comes to showing respect and appreciation to something that has treated me well, so this is my way of saying Thank you to myself for never giving up and showing the world where my heart is. I guess it’s kinda scary because when I get into something, I’m full throttle. So does this mean if I got married I’m gonna tattoo my wife’s name on my forehead? Nah! My tattoos represent a time line of my life and pretty much tell a story about me. Now that’s a tattoo I never want to live with, some chick’s name on me for the rest of my life who more than likely I’m not with anymore. Matter of fact, the other day I saw this fool with a tattoo of some chicks “lips” on his fuckin cheek and I wanted to ask him so bad if they were still together. I would bet she dumped his ass!

Make sure you can live with your tattoos for the rest of your life!

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2007, 1DOWN©

Wind & Out

Look at me! This is my new life as a single man. It would have been 10 years in July. Can you believe it? 10 years and I have no regrets. Remember this for the rest of your life, the 4 R’s. Remorse, Repair, Responsibility, Repeat.

I had to feel the Remorse of not having her in my life, I had to dig deep inside to Repair myself, I then had to take Responsibility for my part in the break up, and last I have to make sure I never Repeat the mistakes I made ever again. No body’s perfect. We learn till we die. To have and loose, and rebuild is part of life. I’ve learned it’s in my blood to never give up. To be single in what I do is pretty fucking dangerous! Do I know the chick in the picture? No I don’t. Does this means she likes me? No it doesn’t. It’s really nothing. It’s a show. It’s part of the energy in this Industry. We do what we do to Entertain. The key to this is to leave it there. Never bring your work home. There’s always gonna be some sweet outsider who likes you and wants to change you, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work. Who you are and where your going in life is already set in stone. Don’t change yourself for no one. If the person interested in you can’t except you for who you are and what you do, they don’t deserve you. Never let anyone hold you back. There’s a lot of selfish and insecure people out there now a days. Even though your reading this and I probably don’t know you, I wish you the best. Everybody’s situation is different, but you can learn something from it.

See ya,

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2003, 1DOWN©

Swastika & Soul Food

It took me a while trying to figure out the proper title for this article, but I figure i couldn’t go wrong with keeping it simple and to the point. I speak on this to share with you my personal experiences and nothing else. In no way shape or form is this to promote racism or ignite any thing ugly, but if anything for you to apply answers to things that need fixing. We’ve all seen movies, television shows, news clips and articles on racism in other countries, states and even right here in California, but never did I think I would be confronted with dealing with racism face to face. For me, it was really a shock because I find myself being a cool cat to everyone, regardless of their color, race or religion. I figured if I took the proactive approach and treated people with kindness and respect, this should fertilize the response I got back from them, but this was not the case when I became a Black business owner in the City of Chino Hills, CA. It’s taken me a while to write this, but I feel I’ve held it in long enough. On Feb 15, 2005 I purchased a neighborhood bar in the city of chino hills with nothing but happy expectations of remodeling the place and bringing something fun and exciting for everyone to enjoy. I have to admit, it was a rough start out the gate. I opened my doors for business on a Tuesday, and by Saturday the fools who used to kick up dust at the bar before I bought it were getting very irritated of the fact that the new Owner was Black and they were starting to express their dislike. I was shocked at the ignorance coming from these people being it’s now 2005. I honestly felt like a black man trying to open a shop back in the 1940’s or something. I never seen a real SWASTIKA tattoo on anyone until I purchased this bar, I never heard the word Nigger screamed so loud so many times until I purchased this bar, I never received ugly hate airmail until I purchased this bar. Wow, I tell you, I saw real fast that this was going to be an uphill battle. I had to grab my nutts, take a deep breath and show these people that I’m here to do good business rather they like me or not. I remember this chick told me “wow, you and Mr. Woods (who owns the Ford dealership) are the only 2 Black business Owners in chino hills!” I was speechless; I didn’t even know what to say to her. I was there everyday listening to these local fake ass two face mutherfuckers telling me thanks for cleaning the place up but calling me bad names behind my back. The ugliness came from people of 21 years old to 60 years old, generations of racism rolled over through out the years and it came from the whites & the Mexicans. I gotta say, the word Racism is not what this really is. To me, a real racist does not react the way these people are reacting. These people are reacting to me out of bitterness and anger. This anger seems to be charged by seeing a young black man come into their town and purchase the ONLY bar in their entire city and they have also expressed their dislike that my background is heavily involved in the Adult Entertainment Industry. There may be things that they don’t like about me and my business decisions, but with them having so much anger, jealousy and bitterness inside of them, the easiest way for them to express their dislike is to call me a Nigger. I really kinda find this a way of them showing ignorance and a lack of communication.

Ignorance is the lack of not knowing and when you don’t know or understand somesomething, you can find yourself being intimidated of the unknown, and when people are intimidated, they seem to react in a hostile way. This can easily be fixed if we all took the time to bridge that gap of a simple thing called “communication”. If I could translate it to them that I come in peace and I mean no harm to them, but to bringsomething positive to their city, and they still react with hatred, I don’t really believe that is racism, I think that is plain ol’ jealousy and hatterism and it could still be cured with proper communication. It’s only so much anyone can continue to deal with stupid shit, so I soon found myself saying “fuck these bitch face mutherfuckers”. I did more business & better business than any place that has ever done business at that location. I soon had the locals telling me “thanks for cleaning up this place and making it into a very nice safe place, but sorry to say, by this time I was finished with it and wanted to move on to another location where I would feel welcomed and appreciated, so I decided to sale the 1DOWN Lounge after owning it for a year and 10 months. Once the locals found out I was selling it, they stepped to me to buy it, but I was like “fuck you” I ain’t selling shit to yo bitch ass, but this 1 white guy named Fred who lived in Chino Hills and always came to the bar dam near every day stepped to me and made me a solid offer and told me he was serious and already took out a loan against his house and he had the money in the bank. I told Fred to let me think about it and after thinking about it, I decided I would sale it to him, because he was 1 who always treated me cool and I had no bad feelings about him. He said this would be a dream come true for him to own the bar right next to his house. I told myself business is business; don’t let my personal feeling get in the way. Money is money. During the time we were getting all the paper work together and starting escrow, I found myself feeling a little odd about this transaction. My staff was very sad many of the locals were sad and the guy Fred was running around happy as fuck telling everyone he had bought the bar and was gonna be the new owner but I just wanted it over. Well, on November 14, 2006 at aprox 11:30pm I get a devastating phone call that Fred had just died! He suffered a blood clot that hit his heart and he had just only turned 50 years old. This was very shocking, I’ve never dealt with nothing like this and it was a very sad thing to see happen to such a cool guy who was very happy at that time in his life. I must say at this moment “Rest in Peace Fred”. Well, after Fred’s passing, I took this as some type of sign from God that maybe it wasn’t meant for me to sale the bar or for Fred to buy the bar so I have decided to keep it. Once I made that decision, I was able to recognize that odd feeling I was having during the sale, and it was that I was gonna miss the place.

I’ve come to realize that I will always have a hand full of people that don’t agree with my life style or the color of my skin, but that doesn’t mean I need to jump ship and relocate. I’ve never done it and even with this attempt, God put it right back in my hand and now I see why. I’ve now once again remodeled and now I’ve brought something else new to Chino Hills that this city has never seen “SOUL FOOD”! That’s right baby the 1DOWN Lounge & Grill now features Southern Style Soul Food by the world renowned Chef “Day Day”. I’m bringing that DOWN home cooking right to them. Trust me, I’m in this for the long run, and when God has sent me a message so loud and clear as this, I’m not gonna ignore it.

I will continue to do business in Chino Hills and this time I’m gonna make them love me, and as Don Cornelius from Soul Train would say…. “I wish you love, peace and soul.”

Thank you for reading this.

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2006, 1DOWN©

UPDATE: I sold the 1DOWN Lounge April 20, 2007

I Was 17 & She Was 29

I’ve been holding this in for 17 years! It was exactly 17 years ago when I was a senior in high school and the school year had just started. I was a cool dude, played 4 years of football, never ditched (because my moms would beat my ass), I was Homecoming King, and I was cool with everyone. I had fun in high school and sometimes I wish I could do it again. I got through school taking pretty much the basic shit because I had no intentions on going to no state university. I never took algebra, calculus, geometry or no shit like that. I had a cool ass Counselor and he would let me hand pick my classes to take the basic shit I needed just to pass. I remember 1 of my classes was called “basic calculator math”. This shit was funny, a calculator was bolted to the fucking desk and I was the only English speaking person in the class and everyone else spoke Spanish. Of course I passed and I also remember trading a kid my Raiders jacket for a pocket pistol in class.  He didn’t speak a word of english but actions speak louder than words.

So, it was the first week of school in my senior year and during lunch I noticed this sexy ass white lady with BOOTY walking through the quad and then hearing my friend say “look, look, there’s that new English teacher”. Once I heard that, I had already put my plan together. I left the quad at the very second and went to my counselor’s office because I knew he was having lunch and I asked him if I could change my English class, and as soon as i asked him, he says “let me guess, to the new English teacher right?” I said yup! He tells me sure, if she has room, go for it. He gave me a change class slip and I went straight to her class after lunch. I walked in and I asked her if I could transfer to her class and she immediately said she was full, I said “okay” and as I started to walk out, she says “I got room for 1 more, let me sign your slip”. I was like “hell yea boy!” So, the following day I started going to my new English class with the new teacher with ass.

I got cool with her real fast and I more saw it as her picking me to be the student / class aid, so she moved my desk to the back next to her desk. So, a few weeks later, I remember it was a Friday and I asked her what was she doing tonight and she said “go to the gym and relax at home”. She then asked me what plans did I have? I told her that I was gonna grab some ice cream, rent a movie, and come chill with her. She laughed and said, “you find out where I live, you are more than welcome to come visit me”. Well, lucky me, I ripped her address off the back of one of her magazines she brings from home and I pulled it out of my pocket and same “BAM!!” she looked at me and said “you’re bad” and then she said “so, are you coming over?” in a squeaky voice I said “yup”.

Oh shit, it was on now! After school I went straight home and I asked my relative to let me borrow his car to go see some chick. I went to rent a movie, I don’t remember what i rented, but I do remember that i got a pint of chocolate chip ice cream from Thriftys. So, there I was standing at my English teacher’s front door with a movie & ice cream in my hand, knowing what I’m doing, but not knowing what I’m really doing. I knocked on the door and she opened the door wearing her gray workout tights with the work out tube top. She was surprised and said “you made it, come on in”. She asked me if I wanted to put the ice cream in the freezer while she went to change into something more comfortable. I asked her if I could go use her restroom and she pointed down the hall.As I walked into the restroom, I was amazed! It was heaven, she had g-strings hanging from the shower and yes, you know I had to snag a black pair for proof & a souvenir. So, I shoved them deep into my pocket and went back and sat on her couch until she came out of her room. I remember she had a dog, a mean ass chow, and I think she had a piano. She came out of her room wearing something kinda sexy, simple, and relaxed. She asked me if I wanted to watch the movie in the living room or in her bedroom and I said I cool with either one. She then headed towards her bedroom. Oh shit! I remember that walk saying to myself “this is fucking crazy”. So, she put the movie in and she laid down in her bed and told me to have a seat and get relaxed. I sat up against her headboard and she was on the right side of me. It was crazy, it seemed like in the blink of an eye, the movie was over and the credits were rolling. I was just sitting there, and she says to me “why are you so nervous?” I said back to her “im not nervous”, then she says “yes you are, you’re the only person with all his clothes on”. I was like what the fuck, I reached over with my right hand to feel and to my surprise I felt nothing but skin! It was on after that, she crawled on top of me and the party started! She was freaky! I had 4 years of bustin’ gutts on my belt, so I wasn’t new to sex, but she sure did try to turn a brotha out. She had her hands full, because at 17, I was busting like 4 nutts before I was done.

Well, after we had sex, she told me it was very important that I told no one because she could get in big trouble and lose her job. She knew I had my relative that I kicked it with everyday and she knew I would tell him so she said to make sure he doesn’t tell anyone and then she said “see you on Monday”.

I went home and my relative was waiting for me to get the details because he had no idea where I went. First thing I did was slap him in the face with the panties I stole and said guess who’s panties these are? He had no idea, and then I told him and he went buck wild! He understood the seriousness of the situation so he never spoke on it to anyone.

So, now it was on. On Monday when i got back to school it was weird, it was like she started dressing a little more sexier. She was wild, and I remember the first time she told me to come see her in her class during lunch. I simply thought she wanted to say hi, but soon as I walked in she told me to shut the door and she “my English teacher” dropped to her knees and started giving me head! Yes, fucking crazy ain’t it. It got crazier. She would give me her car keys and I would take her car home, she would get a ride home from another teacher and I would use her car to get to her house later that night. Oh yea, and I remember the first time she took me to the Hilton hotel. She told me to stay in the car until she came back to give me the room number then told me to wait like 15min before I came up. As I walked into the room I saw rose pedals, candles, and she was wearing fishnets waiting bent over in doggy style! Yes, I must remind you as I reminded myself, this is my English teacher!

Well, as this went on, she began to like me and got really possessive and jealous of my friends in school that she heard had a crush on me. Some times she would walk in the quad to say hello to the kids just to be next to me without anyone knowing.

So, here is where the crazy shit came out. One day, she gave me some pictures of her, and some of them were her wedding pictures with the guy cut out. I didn’t care, it wasn’t my business. Then she tells me she wants to talk to me about something real serious. She tells me how much she really loves me and how she wants to be with me. I didn’t

feel the same, it was just sex to me. She tells me that she is going through a divorce and she hated the guy. She knew I sold guns and she knew that I was connected with good people and bad people. So, she told me to swear I wouldn’t say this to anyone if I didn’t want to do it and I said okay what’s up? She looked me straight in my eyes and told me she wants to pay $10,000 to have her husband killed and wanted to know if I would or if I know someone who would do it? I was nervous in a serious way about this! I told her I would think about it. I had no intentions on taking her up on this, because money was no issue for me in high school, I carried at least $500 a day on me. I went home and told my relative and he was shocked and said “man you should leave her alone, she’s crazy”. After that conversation with her, I pretty much backed off from her and she would constantly page me asking me if I made up my mind yet? I told her I didn’t need the money and I didn’t have anyone who wanted to do it, even though I asked no one. She seemed to bug out a little more, she gave me a piece of paper with his home address with a time schedule of when he leaves to go to work and when he comes home and when he goes to the gym. She told me to keep it just in case, but I threw it away! It was hard to give up the ass but I had to, this had got too crazy. So, the first thing I had to do was stop returning her calls when she paged me. As the school year passed, graduation was soon coming up and I knew I would be leaving the high school soon anyway. I stayed in her class, but everything stayed the same because we never showed any affection because we couldn’t, so no one knew that we had pretty much split up. It was weird, she was really hurt. I had no emotional attachment to her at all. I guess it was then I learned how to separate “love from sex” and it’s helped me ever since. I forgot to tell you that she did take me to meet her mom and family, and not as a student, but her student she was seeing.

So, for all of you since high school who always wondered about this, there you have it. The rumor is true, I was tapping that ass on my English teacher. Persons name & school name are confidential. Always remember, “those who tell, don’t know, and those who know, don’t tell”.

Goldie DeWitt

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My Smooth Balls

Okay, I’m gonna tell you something personal & funny. Last Wednesday I did something pretty fucking stupid! Stupid is what I defined it as now, but at the time I would say I was experimenting. Okay, promise you can’t tell anyone!!! I HATE hair on my body! I’m a smooth guy.  I dont like hair on my Arms, Legs, Head, Chest, Underarms, Ass, & my Balls. (too much information?) Okay, so your saying what the fuck is this fool getting at? Okay, hold on I’m getting there, I just gotta paint the picture first. So, for those of you out there who shave, you know that shaving is something we all hate to do, but we gotta do it. I shave with some electric clippers most of the time, and some times I use my Mach3 razor. I wish I could just take a pill that stop hair growth just to make it easy. Don’t get it twisted, I’m not a hairy guy, I just don’t like hair. So, last Wednesday I had this bright idea that i would go to the super market and try something I figured would solve my problem and make shaving a thing of the past. I sat in that market reading the back of these fucking labels until I found the winner. I bought me some “Veet”. Veet is that hair removal lotion that you rub on and wipe or rise off. I bought the “Rapid Action” that works in 3 minutes! I read the back again when I got home: Apply a think layer of Veet completely over hair, leave in for 3 minutes and rise off. In bold it read DO NOT use near eyes, nose, moles, breast nipples, or genital areas. Sounds pretty simple. They even advise you to try it on a small part of your body first to check for possible skin irritation. So, I tested it on my right knee. I put a think layer of Veet on my knee, waited my three minutes, put my knee under the shower and bingo, the hair simply rinsed away! I was like hell yea. So, I said it’s on. I squeezed a huge glob of this shit in my hands and slapped it straight to my nutts! I figured when I rinse these bad boys, they would be smoother than the side of a titty! I waited my 3 minutes but while I was waiting I was reading more of the back label of the Veet bottle. It said if your first application doesn’t completely remove all the hair, to repeat the process but not to exceed a total of eight minutes. I figured fuck it, I would just let it stay on for the full 8 minutes to ensure the smoothness of my soon to be shinny nutts. I brushed my teeth, trimmed my beard and then it was time. I jumped into the shower and began rinsing my nutts. I was pretty pleased that the product was working as I watched the hair from my balls just rinse away, but wait, all of a sudden, it hit me, a slight tingle, a slight cold/hot burn, then fire as if a cat was scratching my nutts and the water was alcohol!!! My nutts were on fire and I broke down to my knees in the shower with my nutts locked in my fist trying to keep the water and the air from them. I couldn’t catch my breath, and the pain grew stronger and stronger and now I was scared and my nutts were screaming pain! I jumped out the shower and looked at myself butt naked in the mirror with my nutts locked in my hand looking helpless. Every time I tried to release my nutts, it hurt so bad from the air contact, so I just had to hold them and look at them and apologize saying “sorry balls, just hang in there”. But when I looked at them, I freaked out because my balls were fucking red!! I mean these mutherfuckers were RED, like real fucking HOT NUTTS! I thought I saw blood so I grabbed some tissue and damped my nutts with the tissue, but they were not bleeding, but it sure looked like it. I opened my drawer and I saw some hope! I grabbed a tube of Neosporin that was sitting there and it read for scrapes, cuts & burns; I felt like I had all this plus more. I carefully, gently, rubbed the Neosporin on my balls in hopes that this would help in any way. Hold on what’s next? My wife comes home and says “babe I’m home” from down stairs and I said “Okay”. I was in no way gonna say anything about this shit. This is too embarrassing to admit to. She would have joked about it, and I wasn’t in no laughing mode. I just hoped it would go away. I walked to the bed room with my nutts feeling like someone rubbed them raw with sand paper. I put on some of my smaller “crime fighter” under wear to keep my nutts tucked in place to avoid as much movement as possible. I walked down stairs and she was standing in the kitchen reading mail and I greeted her with a kiss and she looks at me and says “you okay, you like preoccupied”, I said “oh, no, I’m okay” lying my ass off. Well, it’s been just about 9 days, and my nutts are 100% back to normal, Thank God.

Once again, this is something I know I should have kept to myself, but if I could save a fellow nutt shaver with this bad experiment I performed on myself, it was worth it to share.

Yea, I did read the part where it said do not use on genital areas, but i figured they were speaking to females on not getting it inside their coochie. I figured my balls would be fine, I figured wrong!

Oh well, back to the clippers & the razor, but hey, no hair on my balls yet!

Goldie DeWitt

P.S. I hope I’m not the only one who ever did this?

Gangbangin’ at The Highest Level

What’s really going on? What’s really going on in the Politics world! Yea, I was one of the few million new voters. I didn’t vote because I knew my vote would make a difference, I simply voted because I didn’t have shit else to do. I don’t know how much more convenient they could have made it for me to vote. The voting poll was right next door to my house. I got there around 8am with maybe 7 people in front of me. It took me all of 10min to cast my votes, get my sticker and I was out of there.

So, later that night while watching the votes roll in from across the states, I sat there looking at this trying to understand it in my own way, and I figured it out. Politics is like Gangbangin’ on the highest level. You got 2 sides and each one of them are trying to claim territory represented by a color. What a coincidence, RED & BLUE. “Now, this is going to get deep!” I watched the RED states back East and down South start to light up the map with the Republicans in support of Bush, it didn’t surprise me. Why? Okay, see if you can stay with me on this. Did you know when Bush was first running for presidency 4 years ago for his first term, he agreed to meet with the NAACP to get the “Black Vote”, but for the past for years straight, he has declined to meet with the NAACP after becoming president. The way I see it, you got a whole lot of old school “older people” representing back East and down South who are die hard Republicans sporting the color red. As time has passed, the younger generation from these families has migrated West seeking more freedom, opportunity and new growth towards California as democrats represented by the color Blue.

Times have changed. The majority of people involved is being challenged by a new breed of people getting involved and guess who it is? It’s me, it’s you, it’s your friends, it’s the young Urban audience. So what does all this mean you still ask? It means the Republicans are going to see a dramatic change in the Democratic participation over the next few years. It’s all about marketing and I would say this young new voting Urban audience is more attracted to Democratic policies rather than Republican policies. Do you know what Voting has just become? It’s just become Trendy. Now were talking serious! Trendy is the money maker and isn’t money the blood of politics! Young people do what’s cool. I can honestly say with the little knowledge I got over this past election plus the feeling that being recognized as a registered voter was the cool thing to do, it hand something to do with me voting, plus that free sticker for the day that said “yea, bitch I voted, and what did you do!” You ever heard the saying, “everything goes back to it’s original?” Did you know before there were Bloods & Crips, it was just 1 gang and they were called Piru Bloods. Later on, someone broke off and started another gang outside of the Blood territory and called it the Piru Crips. Why? just to be different and have more freedom. In the beginning of this, the Piru Crips still wore red as their gang color as well as the Piru Bloods, but in no time at all more changes were made and the Crips dropped the “Piru”, picked a new color Blue to represent them and they just called themselvesCrips. (Please believe me, this is 100% true shit I’m educating you on) So, one night back in the late 60’s at the Palladium Theatre on Sunset in Hollywood, CA a few Crips & Bloods found them selves in a scuffle over a jacket and a Crip shot a Blood and that’s what started the war and divided them forever. Being that Bloods were the original gang foundation, the population is not as deep as the crips anymore, but they do hold their ground. In a way, to relate gangs to politics, I would say Bloods would be Republicans & Crips would be Democrats. Why? It’s like Bloods are known as Well Dressed Pretty Boys coming from a more solid home front. Crips are known to be more buck wild, and coming from more of a low income type home front. Some of you might get it and some won’t. I’m not being offensive, I’m just saying it like I’ve LIVED it. So, if history continues to repeat it’s self and things go back to it’s original, more people will start to break off from the Republican party and start to join the Democratic party. Why? It’s simple, it’s Trendy and it’s the thing to do. Majority rules! No difference than which ever neighborhood you grew up in, the gang was the trendy thing to do but now these grown up gangs have a different title and it’s called “Political Party”.

Goldie DeWitt

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Trippen Over Pussy

This is a serious problem and I just had to write about it. Mutherfuckers are getting too pussy whipped and trying to act hard at the same time. I must say, for where I’m at in my life and what I have been through, I laugh at this and I feel sorry for the poor fool who is sitting there fucked up in the head over some pussy. There is really no way around it. It may happen to you at a young age, or later in life, but you will find yourself straight up TRIPPEN’ OVER SOME PUSSY some time in your life. The key to this is to make it through that storm. Yea, you best believe it’s one ugly ass storm! This shit is fucked up because you might find yourself trippen’ over a really sexy ass chick, or just some hood rat chick who sucks and fucks you like a goddess.

We all know that the word BITCH generally refers to a female, but I gotta say, I have encountered far more guys who are straight up BITCHES in a real way! I can’t stand a jealous dude. A dude that has a chick that he just can’t control or keep in check, so he walks around fucked up in the head TRIPPEN’ OVER SOME PUSSY! I’m gonna tell you where this Bitch ass dude is going wrong. First off, “MEN” you have to learn and understand that females will do what they want, how they want, and when they want. You cannot control them. You can force them, but you cannot control them. Just because she is doing what you say when you are around, don’t think for a second she is still under your thumb when you’re not around. No woman likes to be controlled and if this is your way of keeping her in check, your fucking up. Give her her freedom and let her be herself and do as she please. If she’s being herself is not what you like, then she is not for you. It don’t mean force her to do what you say. You are not allowing her to grow and find out who she really is and what she is really attracted to in life. Stop holding on to a piece of pussy like it’s the last one left on earth. Females out number men 9 to 1 so please believe me, you got other choices than thinking your just stuck with what you have.

MEN never believe that pillow talk, them words that fuck you up when she says “this is your pussy, I will never fuck anyone else, your dick is the only one that will ever go inside of me”. Oh my god, you better not believe that shit! Trust me, she will fuck someone else, and don’t be surprised if it’s one of your homies! Yup, one of your homies will fuck your chick. It happens and some find out and some don’t, but she will fuck one of your homies. If your lucky, you will find out and it will teach you a lesson that a woman will do what she wants when she wants regardless of what she has said to you. Now please understand, as you learn to understand females, you will learn to respect them for this way of operating and you will learn to work with them and not against them. Give her space. Please believe me when I tell you this; you’re not going to bust a female. If you find something out, there’s a good chance she wanted you to know, because when a female wants to get away with doing something she doesn’t want you to know about, you will not have a fucking clue. Females might play dumb, but they ain’t stupid; Men are really the stupid ones.

Over my 35 years of living and researching females for the past 22 years, I think I’ve learned some valuable lessons that have made me into the best husband in the world. From what I’ve been through, you might think it would have pushed me away from seeing anything positive about being in a relationship, even more, getting married. I had to see and go through everything I’ve been through to get me where I’m at today and to get me to understand why I knew I could get married and be a good husband and do my part in creating a healthy relationship for the both of us.

I am married, but I have no control over my wife. She’s a grown ass woman and does what she wants, when she wants and how she wants. I respect her privacy and even though once again,she’s my wife, I do not go in her purse for no reason at all. I do not go through her belongings at all. I do not open her mail, I do not open her bed room drawers. Why do I say this, because this is where I’m at with mine. I feel that if you have to check on your spouse, you shouldn’t be with that person. I feel if you’re looking through their stuff, you’re looking for “a reason”. I have no reason and I don’t want to know nothing I don’t need to know. I’m in a relationship with the only person out of all the hundreds I’ve dated that I actually knew right away that this is the one. This is the one that will be my best friend, a wonderful wife, a great business partner, the one who can accept me for me being me and the person I’m growing into. I say this because life is growth, life is experience.

Being in a relationship is not for everyone. Some people fall in love with someone they were really just supposed to fuck, and some people fuck off someone they were supposed to fall in love with. You have to know which is which and what to do with it. We go through a lot in life, but by the time you hit 30 years old, a light should have turned on. At 30, a serious change in your life should have happened or will happen. I would say, for the past 5 years, things in my life have been very grown up. I’ve really had to deal with some “grown man shit” making some serious choices in life.

For you youngsters out there, take it from me, have fun with life. Don’t hound NO chick. If you’re a sexually active person, please make sure you always, always use a condom. Someone saying their on the Pill don’t mean she don’t have Herpes, Gonorrhea or some stank ass infection that will knock the cool out your walk. Use a fucking condom. You don’t want to find yourself paying child support to some money hungry hood rat stank biatch you fucked in the back of your car from a 1-night stand. You better know, if she’s okay with letting you go bare back, she’s just that type of chick and the dude who boned her yesterday sure didn’t use a condom either.

This is no way at all a bashing on females, but more of a insight & education for men to hopefully get a better understanding on how to release the grip and get more out of their relationships. Life is so much better when you’re with someone you know you can be comfortable with and the key to this is to rebirth the foundation of your relationship that started with a friendship. Having that friendship is the greatest part about being in a relationship because you know that your best friend is with you all the time.

Ladies, you gotta do your part in this too. Please don’t stay in a relationship with a controlling abusive dude. You have the right to walk away. No one owns you. You are just as guilty to blame if you continue to stay in that abusive relationship. Jealousy, abusive ways and controlling acts of a male or female are not acceptable. You gotta cut that lose and turn the page to the next chapter in your life and move on.

You can’t change anybody. We are who we are, and we are animal. Some things are instinct, some things are natural and some things are beyond our control. We are not to judge anyone. If someone makes a mistake, you just gotta understand that no one is perfect and mistakes happen, but was it a mistake or just human nature, we are animal. You can’t control your woman’s sexual appeal she has, so don’t trip when she grabs the attention of other people. Be lucky she chose to be with you in this time of her life. Life is what you make it, so relax and STOP TRIPPEN’ OVER PUSSY.

Goldie DeWitt

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