I Remember Being A Kid

Well, it’s 2014….

I remember being a kid and being excited to wake up early just to run outside and try to be the first kid outside waiting for the other kids to come outside to play.

I remember watching TV and never seeing any commercials about products to help females clean their stinky pussy, cancer, diabetes, being overweight, hair loss, erection pills, divorce, medical class action law suit, kids being disrespectful, and much more of what we all see today.

I remember when grown ups started to have conversations they made the kids go outside or get out the room.

I remember not “clicking” the phone over when I was on it and getting in trouble when a phone call came through for my mom. No caller ID when I was a kid and you had to pay extra for 3 way calling.

I remember growing up in LA and watching the “SHERM HEADS” in the middle of the street butt asshole naked talking to themselves fighting trees or stops signs or anythjng!

I remember growing up in LA always seeing dogs stuck together and people trying to throw hot water on them.

I remember growing up in LA and having to look way up the street as I walked to the store to keep a eye out for the gang bangers cause they would jack you for anything in your pockets, your shoes, anything!

I remember playing “HIDE GO GET IT”.

I remember when “ON” tv came out. Then came “SELECT TV”. We didn’t have all the cable stations we have now. ON TV was a box that set on top of your TV and when you wanted to watch cable tv, you simply turn it ON and you got 1 cable station. Then SELECT TV came out and it gave you A or B.

I remember “COMADORE 64″.

I remember my Aunties going to the “5 Torches” in Inglewood on Imperial and Crenshaw.

I remember the first girl I ever stuck my finger in. We were playing House. It felt like a wet spiderweb is the best way I can explain what it felt like at the time. We might have been both around 5 years old at max. She is on my Facebook friends list and she reads all my stuff. We something like cousins. I SWEAR NO LIE!! Her initials are S.T.

I remember being dropped off at one of my cousins house cause my mom was going out for the night. I didn’t want to be at their house, so I would cry and want to sit on the curb or on the porch until my mom came back at 3am or until I fell asleep.

I remember getting so mad when men flirted with my mom.

I remember getting so mad when people thought I was a girl because of my hair.

I remember going to “NEWBERRYS” and getting jacked for my bike on the way home. I was about 7 or 8 years old.

I remember when I was about 6 years old I saw a little Mexican boy who was about my same age peeing in his front lawn. I remember seeing his weenie and all I remember is it looked like a little Elephant trunk. I did not understand why his weenie was different cause I had never seen that shape before. I asked my mom but she thought I was making it up. I later found out what it was. He was uncircumcised.

I remember going to see BRUCE LEE at the movies when it first came out.

I remember going to see SUPERMAN at the Chinese Theater when it first came out. We where standing in line. A limo pulled up and Muhammad Ali got out. My mom said there goes Ali, I ran over to him and he picked me up and stuck me in the limo and pulled me out. I remember running back to my mom. What I saw in that limo has stuck with me to this day!

I remember growing up as a kid and how things use to be for people back in the day. There was more love and more togetherness. Kids were kids and Adults made sure kids stayed in their lane.

I will be 42 years old in May of this year. If i could start my life over as a child in today’s culture I would pass. It’s not for me. I appreciate the gift of being able to be born and raised when I was. I actually feel sorry for the kids of today and the future. Things are just different…..

Knowing where I came from has helped me with future decisions.

I wish you all the best and thank you for reading.


Don’t Hit Her

Attention men:
If you feel that you are about to knock the fuck out of a disrespectful sidechick you’re smashing or even your MAIN chick…. DO NOT TOUCH HER!!!
You are digging your own grave. You can not physically harm a chick. Females have a high pain tolerance and no matter what you do, she will still have enough strength to call the police, file charges, and tell the police what you did. BUT if she doesn’t, her witness will do that for her.

So, if you want to cause her a lifetime of PAIN that will keep you free of any criminal charges… Follow these simple steps. It’s hard to do but it only takes a second to do with very little effert.

Tell yourself the next time she gets you to that limit you are gonna do what you promised yourself you are gonna do.

You gonna let her say her foul, trashy, low class, disrespectful shit and you simply gonna stand up, SAY NOT ONE WORD, WALK OUT AND NEVER NEVER RETURN TO HER LIFE EVER AGAIN!!!

You will never take her call.
You will never call her or text her.


The key to this is to walk out and never never turn around or come back for absolutely nothing.

This goes the same for females.


Goldie DeWitt

Don’t Get Her Pregnant

ATTENTION MEN: DO NOT GET ANY FEMALE PREGNANT!!!! You will stop seeing her before she has the baby or within a year after her having the baby.



P.S. – Females this goes for you too. Just reverse everything.

Stay In Yo Lane


Okay today I’m gonna set a rule. It’s called GOLDIE’S STAY IN YOUR LANE DATING RULE!

I’m getting really sick and tired of all this reckless eyeballing & waste of time flirting.

People need to really do a SELF INVENTORY and seriously take a real good look at themselves.

WE are visual creatures by human nature. We are stimulated by what we see or turned off by what we see. So, based on looks alone, we must use a Scale or a Rating System.

Believe it or not, you already have a RATING # that has been assigned to you BY THE PEOPLE. The people you know, the people that saw you yesterday and by the people who will see you today.

So, lets put this into effect so you understand.

If you are a SOSO looking person and people Rate you at about a 6, then this means you can flirt with people within the “5-7″ range.

Here’s another example. If you are a cute chick or handsome dude rated at a 9, then you can flirt with people within the “8-10″ range.

You catching on now? So now you can totally see how someone rated at a 4, is totally OUT OF THEIR LANE by trying to holla at someone rated at a 8.

SUPPORT ME ON THIS!! This will totally start to quarantine the Boogawolfs from the Beautiful Swans.

Don’t be ashamed to put your Rating # out there so folks know what you working with, BUT be warned that Falsifying your rating to a Higher # will cause you to get CLOWNED & EMBARRASSED!

I’m sitting here with my BOOGAWOLF Ticket book and if any of you folks Rated 1-3 wanna claim 5-7 or above, I’M SLAPPING YO ASS WITH A BOOGAWOLF TICKET!!!

Let me be the first to introduce myself. Then it’s your turn!!

My name is:
Rated @ 9

Goldie Random Thoughts

*I like watching fat people dance.
*Why do White people jog in the rain?
*I like big butts.
*I hate seeing guys with long ass nose hairs coming out their nose.
*I hate seeing girls with Tarter build up on their teeth.
*I love seeing a chick who dresses with style.
*I can’t stand when a mutherfucker smokes cigarettes around me.
*I’m glad I don’t smoke weed.
*I own a bar but I don’t drink.
*Wish I could meet lots of the folks that live far away that love 1DOWN.
*Skinny girls should not wear loose clothes.
*I love seeing girls in summer dresses.
*I love cheap spandex.
*Girls who kiss good, give bomb ass head.
*Females should never have bad breath.
*Dam! Everytime I see a white girl with a phat ass, she is trailed by a black dude.
*The Mexican culture is built off of Respect & Chain of command.
*I don’t care who uses the word Nigga anymore.
*I wish I could live forever.
*I will be going to Brazil soon.
*I think girls with small tits should wear no bra with a tight wifebeater.
*When I was in the 12th grade I was smashing my English teacher.
*I’ve lived the life I’ve dreamed of living.
*I’m jealous of no man.
*There is nothing in this world I can’t get if I wanted it.
*My extensive history with females, is what makes me understand life better.
*Pussy & Money makes the world go round.

Okay im done thinking. Now you can think about everything you just read…. do we have anything in common? – Goldie

Females Really Going Through It Now a Days

You got Good looking females that been through so much shit that it’s hard for them to stay in a relationship, cause they’er so attractive and some how they always end up with some jealous possessive dude that wants to keep her on lock down!

You got the 1 female that has no female friends cause she don’t trust bitches, so now all her friends are guys, and she claims those are like her brothers she grew up with that look out for her, but it’s actually a good front cause it makes it hard to figure out which ones she is fucking. On ratio, this girl has fucked at least 2 out of every 5 guys in attendance at any given point.

You got the Fat girls who are bold as fuck and ain’t got nothing to loose and their only competition is their own shyness. So once they get over that insecure feeling of being Fat & they realize that pussy has power, it’s on-and-crackin! Fat girls get way more dick than you ever imagined! Especially if she’s a fat cute girl that has style, & she grooms herself!

You got the Ugly Boogawolf Bitch that has the nerve to think she is something fuckable when she needs to be SHOT DEAD. This ugly troll looking bitch is full of hate, regret, misery, 2 face, & toxic waste! All she wants to do it talk shit about attractive females!

You got the FUCKING UGLY homosexual female that has done everything to make herself look like a HOOD NIGGA DUDE. Trust me, I know the difference from a Lesbian who dresses masculine VS a female that has LET HER SELF GO and has become a DIRTY STANK ASS BITCH that wears the same shit as a dude, wanting to make you think she’s a dude, walking like a dude, grabbing her pussy as if she has nutts, sagging in her pants like a dude, and wanting to adapt all the characteristics of a MALE to imitate a Man. FUCK YOU BITCH, YOU WILL NEVER BE A MAN! Don’t get it twisted: I have a Female lesbian friend that has a masculine nature, but she knows she’s a lady and she doesn’t approach life as if she is a man and as if she can kick a man’s ass & as if she is better than a man.

You got the cool looking chick who is a Lesbian who dates the STANK ASS BITCH WANNA BE DUDE above ^^^^ and this bitch thinks she’s the normal one. This Bitch is really fucked up!! This bitch don’t wanna date another cool looking lesbian, and she don’t want to date a guy, and she don’t want to date a lesbian who simply carries a Masculine nature, but she dates a Ugly Ass Female that failed at being a female and found it easier to transform herself into a Ugly Female wannabe fake dude. This bitch is LOST!

You got the chick that fucks her best friends Man.

You got the chick that only fucks married men.

You got the chick that never has a boyfriend and claims she likes being single, and swears she’s not fucking anyone but she’s always on the go, out and about in the fast lane.

You got the chick that can’t keep a man, but loves to open her big ass tacky mouth trying to give relationship advice!

You got the flat booty chick hating on the chicks with phat juicy asses!

You got Black chicks hating of White chicks & Mexican chicks with phat juicy asses!

You got Black chicks hating on Black dudes for not dating black chicks.

You got SUPA DUPA UGLY Black chicks flirting with black dudes, and getting rejected… but the attractive Black girls think they too good for the average Nigga. So that average nigga end up getting some pussy from that Supa Dupa Ugly black chick on the DL and this is why you see Ugly Bitches out on the set, CAUSE SOME HUNGRY NIGGA DONE FUCKED HER! Now, back to the attractive Black chick that acts like she too good for the average nigga. She ends up fucking with a fake baller nigga and BOOM, this nigga dumps her after hitting the skins and she continues on with this cycle cause it keeps her bills paid! Bitch you still Got-Got.

You got the cool ass BOTTOM BITCH. She’s attractive, stays in her lane, but every now and then her dude gotta check her ass. She the bitch a lot of bitches are jealous of but they know they can’t offer or put up with what she does.
You got the female that does nothing but run circles around her dude by fucking and sucking on any guy she meets that is down to fuck her, while knowing she has a man at home.

As you can see, being a female has it’s options. And as you can see, your chances of getting involved with a female and having some issues are VERY HIGH! Trust me, it’s been like this way before you were born and it will never change. If you don’t want to deal with this part of life, DATE A MANIKIN!!

Females, just stay single.
Men, just stay single.




Everyday I pray to God to keep me smart and out of trouble. I don’t want to goto jail or die. NEVER! Yes I know I can’t live forever, but it won’t hurt to try.

Things are fucked up and people are fucked up more now than ever before.

I get invites to all sorts of events, but unfortunately I can’t attend all of them, and most importantly I have to consider my safety and the safety of my club if its a MC event.

You have to think this way if you have plans on living a long life. I am very aware that there are ignorant, jealous, careless people out there and I do my best to stay far from them. I do not take part in any atmosphere that makes me feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

If you see me fellowship with someone or some other club on a regular, its because I feel safe with them and because we enjoy each others company.

Just because someone invited you somewhere does not mean you need to go. Do your research and find out where the event is being held and who else might be there.

Yes, there are folks out there that I don’t care to be around and this is do to me knowing they don’t dig me. So I do myself a favor a keep to myself. People can hate and talk shit all day. Its nothing new. Fact: I have no living enemies!

I stick to myself. I don’t owe anybody any money. Never fucked another man’s woman. Never burnt someone on business deal. Never had a fight with another man over a female.

I say this because these are the most common reasons Men are getting killed and going to jail. So I make it a point everyday to keep myself far away from that shit.

I’ve done a fabulous job at dodging Busters for 40 years strong! So please dont take it personal if I don’t attend your event. But If it’s about you making money from me or my club showing up, then fuck you!

I’m not saying im above anybody or that im special, but yes I do care about my life and I do know I am special to someone out there and they would be devastated to hear if anything happened to me.

Live Forever With Me!!


My Visit to Atlanta, Georgia

First off let me start by letting you know that Atlanta is 1 of the only 2 places I ever wanted to visit. The other place I will visit in the near future is Brazil.

At 24 years old I decided to live a lifestyle of being Self Employed and start my own business. I guess this Entrepreneur in me came from my Grandfather who was a very successful black business owner through out the greater Los Angeles.

Well, for the past several years I’ve had conversations with some black folks that have traveled Down South and through Atlanta, Georgia and the main thing they stressed it a point to let me know is that “I had to take a trip to Atlanta, Georgia”.

I got to Atlanta on Monday morning and got back home to California Tuesday night. I flew out there for a 1 day business trip, but I sure did squeeze in some personal time. I been home for a few hours now, but I can still feel the hype from the energy in the ATL. I never understood why people from back East or Down South would come to California and say “dam y’all slow out here, where the after happy?” I know why now!

In my short visit, I hit up the West side, Bankhead, The South side inside the Perimeter, The East side, and Buckhead.

I went to look at a strip club location for sale. So, this called for me to visit the current strip clubs to see how things operated out there and this also allowed me to travel through out the ATL and see the different zones.

My visit to the Magic City strip club was fabulous. I seen the most beautiful black females I’ve ever seen in my life. 100’s of them!! The strippers were all TOP FUCKING NOTCH!! These ATL chicks would blow the fucking walls down at any club in California!! The Stripping Culture in ATL is so way different than whats going on out here in California. Everything is different.

The customers are dam near 50% Females & 50% Males. The females tip just as much as the guys do! The Female customers are fucking fine ass a mutherfucker!! The customers have a way of tipping the girls that allows the customer to “show off”. They don’t do private lap dances in a room. Everything is done in the wide open, in front of everybody. In a California strip club, it cost $40 for a nude dance, but in the ATL at Magic City, a nude dance is only $10. BUT!!! These girls dam near never see a $10 bill because the customer is sitting there with a $1,000 in singles and he is just standing up or sitting behind her making it rain all over the back side of her. The customer never gives her money in her hand. They pretty much throw all the money in the air and it lands on the floor.

I’ve been in the Adult Entertainment Industry for 17 years and never in my life have I seen so many black girl booty holes from black girls that were ALL fucking fine ass fuck!! Most of them kinda light skinned. I don’t NEVER NEVER get lap dances, BUT…. I knew today in the ATL I had to take advantage of this cause for me it’s just a visit. Typically the way the dancers dance out there, it’s very informal. They don’t really look at you, they don’t face you, they hardly make contact with you. They pretty much stand right in front of you and do some booty bouncing, booty shaking, booty wiggle, booty bend over ass spreading without here butt hole RIGHT IN YOUR FACE, like inches from your nose… if your had to sneeze, your face would slam right inside her asshole! Let me remind you, these chicks are fine ass fuck!!! Remember who’s telling you this! ME!!! The man who’s smashed hundreds of females and only maybe 3% of them were black. All I gotta say is that the Black females in the ATL is what I rate in my book as VERY ATTRACTIVE!!!

Funny thing. I’ve never gotten a lap dance by a black chick in my life. But I tell you no lie, every single one of them strippers at Magic City that asked me for a dance, I SEEN THEIR BUTTHOLE! oh yea, and their banging’ ass body, and their pretty face!! Oh yea, let me also speak on their cool cheerful personalities. It was so fabulous to speak to a black chick that didn’t come off with a fucked up attitude and who came with respect & left with respect.

I wish I could afford to fly every single black female in California to the Dirty South and get some of what’s going on down there, cause it’s obviously something that’s needed.

Oh yea, Rihanna’s “Diamonds” tour was on that same night, so I was able to see Rihanna, T.I. & B.O.B. right next to me in VIP. T.I. came in wearing a back pack with $20 Thousand dollars in it that him and his wife Tiny throw in the air!! The local ballers told me $20k ain’t shit, compared to Lil’ Jeezy dropping $200 Thousand when ever he comes through!

I could go on, but I’m gonna stop here. I need to get to sleep, so I can wake up and realize I’m really back in California.



My Down South Visit

My 24 hour visit to the ATL, Atlanta Georgia was something I personally really needed. People say I’m hard on Black females, I’m hard on the Black Motorcycle Set, but in my heart I always knew something just ain’t right!!

I knew it, and I knew I was right. I knew black people had more to offer that what I’ve experienced from the black folks I’ve been around my whole life living in California.

I guess it’s the Luisiana blood from my Grandpa & the Mississippi blood from my Grandma that rooted deep inside me that’s always made me strive to be a productive, respectful, positive man.

All I can say is that Black people culturally in California operate way different that Black people down South. My visit to the ATL was dam near 24 hours but I swear I soaked up every minute of it taking in just about every aspect of the black southern lifestyle.

What I want & demand from Black people in California is something that will never happen. Why? because there is no foundation out here, there is no unity, there is no black roots, there is no positive black leaders! In the South you have tradition, you have unity, you have roots, you have history, you have positive productive black business people that continue to fertilize the South with growth & hope! But unfortunately whenever a black person in California attempts to be productive, that person is hated on by black people and not supported because it’s become a normal cultural response of trying to destroy a black man versus supporting him to do better. Why? because culturally this is what california black people have taught themselves as a defense mechanism to hold each other back & down. “If I can’t do better, then why should I let him”. We have dam near learned how to in-prison ourselves.

I don’t just love only black people. I love all people White, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern & others, but I do have an invested interest to speak up on Black people because I’m black. I care about the future of Black people, cause it effects me.

After my visit to the South, I have come to realize that “It’s not me”!! It’s not me who is “Wrong for wanting black people in California to do better”. I always knew we were more positive, beautiful, and productive than what we portray. This became a fact to me when I saw it in the South.

California black people are accustomed to seeing White people “do good”, so when ever black people see a black person doing better than the average black person, they want to label that black person as “trying to be white”. Why? because seeing a black person do good is something foreign to most black people in Cali and it’s the only thing they can relate his actions to, but in the South, for a black man to see a black man doing good, it only stimulates the next black man to do better cause seeing successful black men in the South is something common.


I know I have busted a lot of balls, hurt a lot of peoples feelings, and lost some peoples friendships over the things I have said about the Black Motorcycle Set and Black Females. I want you to spread this word as you have spread everything else I have said about the BMS. I want you to know that after today I will never never speak word on the BMS again. NEVER.

After my visit to the South I have come to realize that even though we are Black folks on the West Coast & we are Black Folks Down South, we are 2 different cultures!! I have come to except it that the California Black Culture is what it is and it will NEVER NEVER change!! I can live with it, but I do not have to except it or embrace it. I been living here 40 years, and I went Down South for 24 hours and fell in love with it, and felt like I had so much more to relate to the people with out there.


And after my visit to Atlanta, Georgia I am so happy that I always knew I was right and I stand behind everything I have ever said 111%.

I ENCOURAGE ALL RACES OF PEOPLE, White, Mexican, Asian, Middle Eastern, and mainly California Black People to take a visit Down South and feel the Black Culture and get a taste of some real Black Southern Hospitality and see how productive & respectful black people can be. Go see how fuckin sexy, fine, respectful, & productive Southern black females are!! Go visit Atlanta, Georgia, home to the most successful black business owners per square block than any place in the USA.

I’VE ALWAYS DEMANDED MORE FROM BLACK PEOPLE THEN WHAT THEY OFFERED CAUSE I ALWAYS KNEW WE COULD DO BETTER. I have come to realize that yes I have the power to change a person, but not a culture.

I want to wish everyone who read this Peace & Love. I wish you could feel as I do & see my vision, but until then, I can only share my experiences with you in hopes it can help fertilize change in you.


Thank you,



Attention Dudes. *Females Can Read This Too

If you grew up in the Greater Los Angeles area and you are about 40 years old, this is for you.

I am gonna assume you grew up hustling or you grew up around some hustlers. I’m gonna also assume you grew up listening to West Coast Gangsta Rap and way back in the day the #1 radio station we used to all listen to was 1580 KDay from back in the late 1980’s. Then later on we had 92.3 with that Asian dude “Theo” who swore he was Black.

Well, during this time we had DJ Quick, Ice T, NWA, Ice Cube, Snoop, Death Row, Tupac, and the list goes on. You might not have realized it then, but at that time, these were not only rappers, but these were our motivators and in some cases, these were leaders to some. Rap music was a form of communication, Entertainment, and for those with talent, a way out the hood.

People looked up to rappers because they saw power, fame, success, freedom, and money! It was a secondary approach to looking like a dope dealer and having the things a dope dealer had without being a dope dealer. It served as a legit hustle. Well, in 1996 the leader of West Coast rap “Tupac Shakur” was murdered and the movement for West Coast rap has continued to take a drastic change over the past 17 years. West Coast rap music has been crippled and it has no future of ever making a recovery. The more devastating reality to the destruction and complete annihilation to rap music is what it has done to a entire culture of people. These are the people who used music as a tool, as fuel to motivate themselves, and these are the people that looked up to West Coast Rap as a culture and now it’s all gone, and these people have no leaders. No Tupac’s, No Dub C, No Too Short nothing we can relate to.

Tupac was the last hope for West Coast Rap. When Tupac died West Coast Rap killed it’s self from it’s own hands. Tupac was the ONLY person to take West Coast Rap and give it a reason to come together as 1 and make it West Coast Rap. Unfortunately after Tupac died the rap game quickly turned into West Coast rappers turning on each other and destroying each other. Why? Well, unfortunately this is more of the culture response of the west coast black male. It’s like he is more programmed to hate, and not support his own, so he pulls the next man down so he’s not left at the bottom of the stairway by himself.

The West Coast Rap game had 1 dude that created a Empire and that dude was Suge Knight founder of Death Row. We all know the controversy connected with him & his label. Death Row filled for Bankruptcy in 2006. Death Row was founded in 1991 but we all know it was over in 1996 when Tupac died. The support to the life of west coast music was very short lived and it’s so unfortunate, because West Coast music really had so much more to offer, but greed and self hatred amongst one’s own people destroyed it.

So, this is why I want to give BIG FUCKING PROPS to the DIRTY SOUTH!!!! I remember back in the 90’s when Dirty South music was the bottom of the barrel. The Dirty South got no play, no respect, no love, and was first to get disrespected. The Dirty South never sold out, they never folded, and they stood tall and supported their own!!! The Dirty South kept it pushing & supported their own music and continued to grind and march their music to the West Coast over the past 17 years and it’s only gotten better & better and west coast has gotten worse & worse.

The Dirty South has launched several music empire families such as Cash Money Records started in 1991, No Limit Records started in 1990, and they still pumping millions through it’s label and strongly supported by it’s own people coming from the South! So many artist coming out the South that made it big and still launching new talent out the South to this very day from Andre 300, Jermaine Dupri, Cee Lo Green, 2 Chainz, Lil Jon, Souljia Boy, and so many more!

The DOWN SOUTH culture has 1 thing within it’s culture of Black people that the West Coast does not have, and that is “SUPPORT”. Black people on the West Coast will forever continue to be our own worst enemy if we don’t learn how to Embrace each other & Support each other as a people and as a movement.

I titled this Attention Dudes because the MALE is the leader of the village, and right now I am talking to the LEADERS!

I love all people: Blacks, Mexican, White, Asian, and others, but right now, I need to address my own people because it’s 2013 and we need to help each other. Somebody has to stand up and be a fucking leader!!

Love you all,