Stupid Ignorant Low Class Mutherfuckers

You mutherfuckers gonna tear up your own backyard, your own city, and break the law because you feel the justice system failed another black man. So what the fuck do you go off and do? You Riot, You Beat up people, you break the law, and you do it because you feel it’s the right thing to do. Well, let me take a stand as a black man and tell you, it’s NOT the right thing to do. It’s the the wrong approach. It’s NOT how you get the attention of the MAN, and it’s not going to make things any better. If you wanna make a difference, go to school, get that education and then reach back to your community and educate the people.

God bless Trayvon, but he is still dead. Black people acting ignorant & foolish is not gonna bring him back. Zimmerman is still NOT GUILTY free with all charges dropped, so once again, black people acting ignorant & foolish is not gonna bring Trayvon back.

I personally find it embarrassing as a Black man as I sit here watching the news looking at the actions of these ignorant ass mutherfuckers running through the streets of Los Angeles causing havoc.

SHAME ON ABSOLUTELY ANYONE: BLACK, WHITE, MEXICAN or any race or color people that participated in any law breaking activities from the Zimmerman Protests that started at Leimert Park in the Crenshaw District.


You wanna help the future Trayvon Martin’s of the World, the right way? Go to school & get an education so you can represent clients & families that find themselves up against a High Profile racially motivated murder case. The court system needs help and the same people out there causing the RIots can be the same people in school making a difference. So if you didn’t know, then let me be the first 1 to tell you. YOU CAN DO IT!!!


FACT:: DID WHITE PEOPLE RIOT WHEN “OJ SIMPSON” GOT ALL HIS CHARGES DROPPED? NO THEY DIDN’T. WHERE THEY MAD AS FUCK? YES THEY WERE!! They didn’t riot & burn down Beverly Hills, they simply got involved with the law makers, and our justice system and learned how can they see to it that the system works more for THEM. So, what’s stopping you?




2 Very Important Life Saving Facts

ATTENTION:: My name is Goldie DeWitt and today I want to share & remind you of 2 VERY IMPORTANT LIFE SAVING FACTS!!!

1. If someone in your life is being abusive, dishonest, fake, backstabbing, jealous, trashy, unmotivated, lazy, ignorant, embarrassing, & not keeping up with what you expect in a respectful friendship, then you have every right to step away from that friendship/relationship. Do not stay with that person!! Do not stay with that person because you fear the unknown, not sure if there is someone else out there better? YES, there is someone else out there better who will treat you good, respect you, honor you, embrace you, love you, share with you, work with you, learn from you & teach you. DO NOT stay in any type of fucked up bullshit ass friendship or relationship with nobody!! Fuck that person, there is always someone out there better! ALWAYS!! Just get dressed and go out tonight or even today goto Starbucks and kick up conversation with someone new and see what happens.

2. This is very important. Now a days there are a bunch of Bitch Ass Dudes out there and Sucka Ass Loud Mouth Female Bitches talking a whole lot of shit! Talking shit about any & everything they can get their mouths on. Some dudes have really flipped the script and they seriously act like, & respond like bitches when things get heated. Some females, actually most females now a days are acting so hard, cold & disrespectful that they think it’s ok to challenge a dude straight up to his face. Oh hell fucking NO! So, why are females acting like this? Cause dudes are getting soft. Why are dudes getting soft? Cause they falling victim to the pussy and giving females a false sense of power and they taking that false sense of power and using it as a evil tool. So now you got this pussy ass acting dude who been dealing with this disrespectful ass bitch for a while now, changing up the way a man really supposed to represent himself. So now when this dude has to deal with another man who is really on some grown man shit, he is confronted with another man who is acting like a straight up bitch. Why, cause he been groomed by a bitch to act like a bitch, and now we have a big problem! So, what do we have now standing in front of you? A BITCH YOU WANNA KNOCK THE SHIT OUT OF, rather it be Male of Female. This loud mouth shit talking disrespectful ass mutherfucker is standing here right in front of you talking all this shit, cause they’ve constantly made it a lifestyle in their past relationships. So you thinking this mutherfucker don’t know who they fucking with, and in 1.2 seconds you bout to sock this mutherfuckers head right off their shoulders! BUT WAIT!!! DON’T DO IT!!! It’s a set up. That sorry ass RAT FACE BITCH can’t handle you and they know it, so you best believe the moment you put hands on them, they will call the police and you will catch a case. Even if you finally caught up with someone you heard been talking shit through friends, Facebook, text, or you finally caught someone who talked shit from back on Myspace, YOU BETTER NOT LAY A FINGER ON THAT BITCH!!! That mutherfucker, or their friend, or their relative with RAT YOUR ASS OUT in a big way. So, what do you do when a shit talking bitch is in front of you? YOU GIVE THAT BITCH A PASS if you don’t want to catch a Court Date. So, is their any solution to this, YES there is. You have to be strategic about this, and you have to be strong enough and skillful enough to TAKE THE FIRST PUNCH. You gotta stand in front of this piece of shit with WITNESSES watching everything and you just hope and pray that this mutherfucker is stupid enough to attempt to threaten you by causing bodily harm to you so it puts you in a position to defend yourself. THEN YOU BEAT THAT BITCHES ASS!!! You better make sure you have a clean case of Safe Defense, or if not, things will get sticky.

NOTE: if you can walk away from something, or you can avoid something, it’s pretty much best now a days. Unfortunately with out the proper teachings, people are either CATCHING A CASE or LOSING THEIR LIFE, and none of us got dressed that day to do neither one.



I speak the truth. I speak situations I have lived & learned from.

Love Life

This is something that I thought of today, and I just had to share it with you. Seriously just think of how true this really is…

The shortest time of our existence is during the time we are alive.We are dead way longer than we are alive.

Take for instance the Governor of Wisconsin, “Jeremiah M. Rusk” born June 17, 1830, and he died November 21, 1893. He was 63 years old. He’s been dead for 119 years.

What can we do while we’re dead?
Do you realize we must all die at some point?
Once we die, you then have all the time in the world….

So, why make your time here anything less than wonderful, beautiful, lovely, great, incredible, positive and giving.

What can we do while we’re alive? You can appreciate life, you can spread love, you can promote life, you can do good deeds to fertilize a better future for others.

For the short time we are blessed life on this earth, we all need to love each other, and treat each other good, and learn to help each other.

Right now I am 40 years old, but 1 day I will have been dead for over a 100 years, and everything I stood for & everything I represented in life will simply be part of history.

So I hope and pray that the good deeds I have contributed to life will allow my name to live the rest of my life while I’m dead.

This might have been a little too deep for some of you, but I hope you all can really feel where I’m coming from with this.

Much love,


16 Years of 1DOWN

WHAT’S UP MA PEOPLES!!!! How in the hell all yall doing? As for me, I’m doing just fine. Got a lot on my plate right now, but that’s actually good. Keeping myself bizzy, keeps me out of trouble. I’m sure a few of you STREET HUSTLERS understand the importance of that.

Well, in this photo you are looking at a phat juicy piece of 1DOWN discovered ass! This right here was one of my REAL DEAL MONEY MAKER HOME GIRLS. Wearing that Orange lets you know! We made real SCRILLA doing what we do. This was taken back in the day when our Spearmint Rhino location in Upland, CA was open for those of you who know about it.My history stretches way way far then any of you can truly imagine. In the 16 years 1DOWN has been alive, I have meet 1000’s of females, dancers, entertainers, strippers, performers, & hood rats! One thing I can honestly say is that I have never made an enemy or ever did bad business with any of them. Not 1 of them can I bump into and not be followed by a big embracing hug! That says a lot about a person and his business ethics & positive work relations he has. I take pride in my work and I respect the people I do work with.I’m the type of cat that feels like if we gonna bump heads, then there is no reason for us to engage in anything. I know I do good business and I don’t like to waste my time or the other persons.My 16 year reputation is strong. I am proud to say that 1 out of every 3 people know or heard of 1DOWN. That’s fucking huge! Thats something real big to be proud of and I stand here today proud as fuck of my accomplishments!

I’m gonna keep doing what I do, and I’m gonna keep living life WHILE PEOPLE WATCH ME!

Don’t blink, cause I move fast!

1DOWN est. 1996

August 28, 2012

Today I Share This With You

My name is Goldie DeWitt and I provide leadership. I lead people to improve their quality of life. I try to mentor & inspire people everyday. I truly believe that God has made me the chosen 1. I feel I’ve been good to a few, so God has put me in a position to be good to many.

Over the next few days, I will be celebrating 16 years of 1DOWN success. Most people define success with money, but thats not so. The true definition of Success is making a difference in other peoples lives and understanding that Money is a By-product of doing something well.

I’ve learned in life being good at what I do not only shows success in making a difference in my life, but the most rewarding is seeing my success make a difference in someone else’s life.

I know many of you are feeling the pain & the struggle of trying to survive & make ends meet now a days. Times have gotten so hard that some have just thrown in the towel and quit. I know this might be hard for some to believe, but living in the United States in the greatest County in the World, the land of opportunity! Let me say it again, The Land of Opportunity! We live in a Country where you are only limited by your own reach. No matter what you got from today, tomorrow is simply limited to how far you are willing to reach out. We have freedom, we have excess, we have opportunity!

Did you know that CUBA is a Communist run country and monopolizes communications and citizens are forbidden to access the internet! There is virtually NO broadband internet access in Cuba at all. You will goto jail if you use the internet! There ain’t no Mc Donald’s, No Starbucks, No Louis Vuitton, No Dominoes pizza, just straight up generic stuff. No Coca Cola, no Subway, just a generic place that will make you a sandwich and wrap it in a clear plastic Saran Wrap! Their Country favorite past time is eating Ice Cream. I share this with you because I want you to know that this is 2012 and there are people who are living in places & situations where they DON’T have the opportunities we have.

Looks as if Americans have really become complacent with whats in front of them and not motivated to reach for more. This is the United States of America, the land where you can wake up tomorrow and be anything you want to be! Anything!

I bring all this up to you because I find myself embarking on another business venture and I look at this being possible because I live in the United States and it allows me to capitalize on opportunity! The reason I am able to do this is because I don’t allow myself to get complacent, I am not lazy and I don’t procrastinate. I must say there is nothing worse than seeing someone who has opportunity and they have failed to capitalize on it due to being lazy. The corner stone of poverty is laziness. The opposite is motivation is lazy!

As a Black man, we get this stigma that we have gotten comfortable with mediocrity. We got a 47% national Black african american male graduation rate from high school. That means 53% of black males are not graduating from high school! Did you know that the #1 cause of death for young black males is Homicide! Hear me say this, that 83% of young black males with die from homicide! Violence on Violence! But I do want you to know that those are choices! The reason behind each one of these deaths is & will always be over bullshit. Unfortunately Black folks are not paying attention to understand that the Laws are stacked against them.

Here is something else a lot of people don’t understand or know is a true active Constitution of The United States. The Constitution 13th Amendment says basically: Slavery is abolished, only with the exception of slavery existing if one has committed a crime and is punished and incarcerated. Thats where Slavery exist. So did you just learn that there is a active loop hole to Slavery still making it active today!? So basically if you are in Jail, you are a Slave. So this is how Jail inmates make License plates, make Screws for metal shops, and work for 8¢ a hour and this is legal for the government to get away with it. Did you know there are 2 million people in jail in the United States and it’s growing and they building more Penal Jail Institutions and we falling for the okie doke cause we don’t know what the competition is. We got offense, but no defense. Did you know there are more people locked up in the United States than China & Russia combined! The biggest business right now is the Prison Industrial Complex. They are privatizing prisons and major companies are buying Stock in Prisons because Prisons have become Privatized.

Right now the Prison system is about 65-70% Hispanic and the rest are Black. It’s a generation that ain’t getting no better. The only thing than can combat and defeat that is Information & Knowledge.

For those of you lucky enough to have read this much, you will see first hand why 1DOWN is successful and like I said, success is being able to make a difference in other peoples live.

I do big thangs in my life and I ain’t never scared to get down and spare in the trenches, and because of this, I get people who may feel that I am doing too much. And this I contribute to that Slave mind mentality. People too scared to go above average. Well, as for me, I’m like Harriet Tubman, and I’m gonna hold this pistol to yo head saying you gonna follow me across these Northern States cause thats where the freedom is at, cause they don’t know they Slaves. Because Black folks don’t have enough education & representation and as a result, this is what we have. Mis-leaded black people in 2012.


Here is a African saying that I want to share with you:

“Every morning in Africa, a Gazelle wakes up. It knows it must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed. Every morning a Lion wakes up. It knows it must outrun the slowest Gazelle or it will starve to death. It doesn’t matter whether you are a Lion or a Gazelle… when the sun comes up, you’d better be running.”

Love you all,

Goldie DeWitt

If I Had The Power To Change Life

IF I HAD THE POWER TO CHANGE LIFE…..I would bring Tupac back to life to rebirth true rap and smash all these skinny jean no rap skill busters!I would bring Dr. Martin Luthern King back to life to give ALL people a positive non violent roll model.

I would bring Mike Tyson back to boxing when he was at his best!

I would make it a law that females on welfare had to be on birth control.I would make the 3 strikes law only apply to violent crimes.I would lower gas prices to $1.50-$2.00.I would put a heavy tax on Alcohol, Cigaretts, Guns, Bullets, Medical Marijuana, and legalized prostitution.I would make Hate crimes and Rape punishable by death.

I would make it mandatory for all high school graduates not going to collage, had to inlist in the military or job core.

I would remove the word Niggah from black peoples vocabulary.

I would ban all ignorant reality tv shows that encourage black people to be hateful and violent and low class.

I would make it madatory between 12pm & 1pm that everyone had to participate in a 1 hour physical work out / cardio.

I would terminate and ban the use of any Social Media websites.

Well, im sure you can see by now that my mind is really far beyond what we have in front of us daily. I really feel people are being brain washed and not really seeing what is going on and what we are loosing out on. The government got us all entertained with bullshit while they continue to trap us with technology and trap us in this huge spider web they call the World Wide Web. Yes, people you best believe its a web alright. Funny thing, people look at the internet as freedom when its really made to trap us, trap information, and then leave us transformed mearly into numbers, usernames, passwords, likes, and dislikes.

I can honestly say, i miss real hugs, real kisses, real laughs, real friends.

My name is Goldie Dewitt and i wrote this as a farewell to real life for us all….

Goldie & Mom in 1973

GOLDIE & MOM in 1973….

I was 17 months old in this pic and my mom was 23 years old. My mom is 1/2 Black & 1/2 Filipino.

I remember being a kid and when men would whistle at my mom to flirt or get her attention, I would get so MAD!

Gotta give mom’s her props. She raised me on her own! She was a good provider. She knew how to get shit done. She made sure I always had the best of what ever was current at the time. She made sure at a young age, that I wasn’t gonna grow up and be no punk. She taught me at a young age what money could get you & at the same time, what getting money could do to you! My mom was a hustler, but when it came to providing for us, she was fearless. I remember a time or 2 when I had to take a cold shower cause the gas was turned off, or try to eat cereal with water cause we had no milk, but those were building blocks for me. Oh yea, I also remember not having any toilet paper, and having to use a brown paper trash bag to wipe my ass. How? It’s simple, you get a brown paper bag and you tear a piece off and you rub it together until it gets soft. My grandpa taught me that.

Those situations were small compared to what my mom did or a norm. She made sure I had lots of toys, more than any other kids or my cousins, she made sure I had lots of shoes, suede pumas, Adidas, nike, fresh clothes like Guess, Fila, Izod, Polo, Ellesse, leather bomber jackets with the fur and all colors of snake skinned belts. My mom wanted me to know that no matter what we went through, she was the provider and even though I didn’t have a dad in the house, she had what it took to raise me all be her self and there was absolutely nothing I could want that she couldn’t get for me on her own.

At the same time, I must say, my mom was no joke. I seen her throw big black skillets, irons, and pull out knives on dudes when shit got funky! She held her own! So when she told me to do something and I slipped and gave her a little attitude, she we be quick to say “boy don’t make me bust you up side yo head with a brick!” I KNEW SHE WASN’T FUCKING AROUND!

I got good grades, never ditched a day of school, never! Graduated high school and I commend my mom for holding it DOWN. I just got off the phone with her and she doing great, 40 years later.

Thank you mom, I love you.


Protect Yo Neck


**Dont allow someone to walk up behind you without you turning around to check on that person.
**Never sit with your back to the door.
**Never allow a stranger to walk up to you too close and invade your personal safety space.
**Learn how to fight and defend yourself, your home, and your family.
**Understand thats its NOT ok to shoot an attacker in the back after they have fled.
**Understand its NOT okay to beat a bitches ass if she cheats on you. Thats called domestic violence. You will catch a case. Its easier to just dump her. Or Him.
**If a bitch says “I cant get pregnant, Im on birth control or had her tubes tied”, you better still wear a condom. The dude who busted a nutt in her yesterday is probably infected.
**Dont allow your significant other the freedom to go through your cell phone, computer, facebook, email. Your privacy is your privacy.
**Dont get in the car or on the bike of a drunk person. You could die.
**Dont ask relationship advice from a person who has never had a successful relationship.
**Females: dont invite a dude to kick it or hang out if you dont intent to give up the pussy.
**Females: if you respect the person you are dating, then do not make eye contact with other men. Goldie calls this “wreckless eye balling” and you on some Hoe Shit.
**Always check your souroundings when you step into a new spot.
**Tell your friends to keep your personal life out their fucking mouth.
**Try not to ever fuck somebody up at a public event. All those people become witnesses. Even the people you thought you knew. Remember: he who walks away, gets to fight another day. If the situation is not life threatening for you to defend yourself.
**Don’t let a cop get under your skin. Keep cool. Not all stops result in a ticket.

I hope this is enough to get you through the weekend.

Much love & respect,


4 Generations

MY DAD…. known as the “finest dude in Compton” as the ladies would say, and still say to this day.

My pops passed away only 10 years later. (from the photo) He was a fun family dude, a popular dude, a good looking man, and a hustler! The 1 thing that was his down fall, was that he trusted people too much.

With me and my pops having so much in common, I had no choice but to learn from his mistakes. I grew up around Gangbangers, Dope dealers, Jackers, Hustlers, & Pimps. I’ve always told myself if I didn’t use my dad’s death as a lesson, I would have easily feel victim to my surroundings.

I knew growing up without a dad, I was already limited to what fullness life had to offer, so it was up to me to chose the right paths to navigate my way through life. I’ve been blessed to lived 12 years more than my dad, and I know I contribute these years to him for allowing me to learn from his mistakes.

I hope in one way or another, I too can leave something for my son to learn from, and allow him to live longer than me. If I learned anything from my pops, he taught me how to stay alive, and if I can give anything to my son, I’d like to give him the same thing.

We got 4 generations of DeWitt’s and the genetic blue print has been the same since my Grandpa was born in 1924. My grandpa at one point was known to have owned dam near half of Compton, CA.

DeWitt Sr. – DeWitt Jr. – DeWitt III – DeWit IV

Thanks for reading,

DeWitt III

A Jealous Friend

“A jealous friend ain’t nothing but a enemy in training.”

The moment you catch wind that your friend is showing signs of jealousy towards you, I’m sorry to say, but that friendship is a wrap! That person wants what you have, and the only way they know they can get it is to go behind your back. Even if they don’t want it, they just don’t want you to have it.

It’s not the simplest thing to do over night, but trust me, it needs to be done. This person will use everything you trusted them with against you once the friendship has come to a mutual end. And believe me, the friendship for them was way over before you even had a clue.

Jealousy is a sickness, a disease that can not be cured. It only get worse! The only thing that can be done is a temporary cover-up by the Jealous person. This can only last for so long until it just starts coming out that other persons pores. This is when the jealous person starts to make hater comments with a smile, and making odd faces, and not acknowledging things that you may have just purchased for yourself.

There is such thing as a Friend, but there is NO such thing as a jealous friend.