Protect Yo Neck


**Dont allow someone to walk up behind you without you turning around to check on that person.
**Never sit with your back to the door.
**Never allow a stranger to walk up to you too close and invade your personal safety space.
**Learn how to fight and defend yourself, your home, and your family.
**Understand thats its NOT ok to shoot an attacker in the back after they have fled.
**Understand its NOT okay to beat a bitches ass if she cheats on you. Thats called domestic violence. You will catch a case. Its easier to just dump her. Or Him.
**If a bitch says “I cant get pregnant, Im on birth control or had her tubes tied”, you better still wear a condom. The dude who busted a nutt in her yesterday is probably infected.
**Dont allow your significant other the freedom to go through your cell phone, computer, facebook, email. Your privacy is your privacy.
**Dont get in the car or on the bike of a drunk person. You could die.
**Dont ask relationship advice from a person who has never had a successful relationship.
**Females: dont invite a dude to kick it or hang out if you dont intent to give up the pussy.
**Females: if you respect the person you are dating, then do not make eye contact with other men. Goldie calls this “wreckless eye balling” and you on some Hoe Shit.
**Always check your souroundings when you step into a new spot.
**Tell your friends to keep your personal life out their fucking mouth.
**Try not to ever fuck somebody up at a public event. All those people become witnesses. Even the people you thought you knew. Remember: he who walks away, gets to fight another day. If the situation is not life threatening for you to defend yourself.
**Don’t let a cop get under your skin. Keep cool. Not all stops result in a ticket.

I hope this is enough to get you through the weekend.

Much love & respect,


4 Generations

MY DAD…. known as the “finest dude in Compton” as the ladies would say, and still say to this day.

My pops passed away only 10 years later. (from the photo) He was a fun family dude, a popular dude, a good looking man, and a hustler! The 1 thing that was his down fall, was that he trusted people too much.

With me and my pops having so much in common, I had no choice but to learn from his mistakes. I grew up around Gangbangers, Dope dealers, Jackers, Hustlers, & Pimps. I’ve always told myself if I didn’t use my dad’s death as a lesson, I would have easily feel victim to my surroundings.

I knew growing up without a dad, I was already limited to what fullness life had to offer, so it was up to me to chose the right paths to navigate my way through life. I’ve been blessed to lived 12 years more than my dad, and I know I contribute these years to him for allowing me to learn from his mistakes.

I hope in one way or another, I too can leave something for my son to learn from, and allow him to live longer than me. If I learned anything from my pops, he taught me how to stay alive, and if I can give anything to my son, I’d like to give him the same thing.

We got 4 generations of DeWitt’s and the genetic blue print has been the same since my Grandpa was born in 1924. My grandpa at one point was known to have owned dam near half of Compton, CA.

DeWitt Sr. – DeWitt Jr. – DeWitt III – DeWit IV

Thanks for reading,

DeWitt III

A Jealous Friend

“A jealous friend ain’t nothing but a enemy in training.”

The moment you catch wind that your friend is showing signs of jealousy towards you, I’m sorry to say, but that friendship is a wrap! That person wants what you have, and the only way they know they can get it is to go behind your back. Even if they don’t want it, they just don’t want you to have it.

It’s not the simplest thing to do over night, but trust me, it needs to be done. This person will use everything you trusted them with against you once the friendship has come to a mutual end. And believe me, the friendship for them was way over before you even had a clue.

Jealousy is a sickness, a disease that can not be cured. It only get worse! The only thing that can be done is a temporary cover-up by the Jealous person. This can only last for so long until it just starts coming out that other persons pores. This is when the jealous person starts to make hater comments with a smile, and making odd faces, and not acknowledging things that you may have just purchased for yourself.

There is such thing as a Friend, but there is NO such thing as a jealous friend.


Shit Is Real Fucked Up

SHIT IS FUCKED UP MORE THAN YOU KNOW!!!! Black folks have no idea the Blind Hood we really pulling over our own heads! From Slavery to Racism to unjust Laws from the 1800’s to 2012 and we still trapped in the system. Trapped in the system from the Jail System, the Court System, and now the World Wide WEB Internet System. That’s right folks you better open your fucking eyes and realize the World Wide Web is what it is. Its like a Spider Web that gets you caught up when originally you looked at it as a tool for freedom, but its not. Its made to keep you entangled once you land on it. So, with that being said, who are the largest group of people being suckered into this Internet Web, this new form of BRAIN SLAVERY? BLACK PEOPLE!!! Black people are being targeted by the government using social media websites, news, internet, etc. Why, because there is lots of money being made behind Black negativity & black people’s death. That money doesn’t go back to the black communities, it is being redirected into building a more controlled United States aimed at ultimately crippling the black culture and other minorities. So what does that do for this Country? It gives the country control to make us do what ever they want us to do, and I see that as new age slavery!!

Yes I say Black people and I say it for a reason. I say Black people cause I am a black man trying to get the direct attention of Black people, but please know, I am speaking and reaching out to all people that can relate, no matter what color or race you are. When it comes DOWN to it, we are all 1PEOPLE!!

Over the next year, because of this being a Presidential election year, you will see a lot of attention and media hype aimed at Black people. Some to promote black unity and some to hurt the black culture. Why? All in the name to help & hurt the reelection of a Black President. They truly don’t give a fuck about The People, cause they know they people out there killing themselves and doing dumb shit ain’t the people who Vote, but the people who vote will sit back and eus that media hype to aid them in the direction of their vote.

White America ain’t scared of all this Travon Martin hype cause they know 85% of the Protestors & Supporters are not registered Voters! They sit back and watch people buying Hoodies, Candy, & Soda and they laugh at Black people still making them rich while they proving a point sitting back getting rich and laughing at Black people…. pulling the Hood over their own heads! Unfortunately I am seeing the same thing, and I am Black.

You might understand where I’m coming from or you will never figure this out, but I know 1 fucking thing, they ain’t fooling me and i will never be just some monkey see, monkey do nigga to the system. I aim a threat to the system cause I am educated, I have a clean record, no tickets, not on probation or parole, 790 credit, and i am a registered voter. I swear all this to be 100% true God is my witness. You wanna help Travon Martin? You gotta do more than buy a fucking Hoodie and upload your hoodie pic to Facebook. You need to Educate yourself of what’s going on with today’s politics and most of all become a registered Voter.

Part of the reason the court system is the way it is, is because its aimed at the Minorities.  Minorities are now the Majority. So the system is going through a big change right now. They trying to figure out how can they take back control of all these Minorities who are now the Majority and the tool to help them is THE INTERNET.

The court system was made to make the most common Minority crimes into Felonies to aid in controlling the voting system. When someone breaks the law and gets a Felony on their record, that person can no longer vote for life! Giving that person no voice in the system, giving up more control of The People, and in a sense sending us back into a controlled slavery type world. We can’t do this to ourselves People!  You have to learn to do something positive on your own, because you want to make a difference, not because you are forced to.

So, I say it again, you wanna help Travon Martin, here’s what you can do.  If you have a Felony on your record, you can get that Felony reduced to a Misdemeanor. Thus allowing you to become a registered Voter with a voice for yourself and The People.  After you successfully get your Felony reduced to a Misdemeanor, you can get that Misdemeanor Expunged.  When you get a crime expunged, it basically converts the crime on your record to it being “Dismissed”.  This is the steps you need to take to start cleaning up your record so you can be the difference you wanna see in our court systems. Thus opening up your opportunities for employment and becoming a positive productive person in society for yourself & the people. Trust me, as I stated, before, buying a Hoodie from the local swap meet ain’t doing shit for whats really going on. Shit is real serious and the media got us playing ourselves looking like fucking fools.  You want a lead on getting your Felony reduced to a Misdemeanor? I got you right here, be sure to watch the video:

Once this Travon Martin situation blows over, the media is on to the next Big Black Block Buster Billion Dollar News Media Hype! And all them Hoodie Sweaters become dirty laundry. Next thing you know they gonna stage a black persons death in some Nike Air Jordans having everybody running out to buy Air Jordans in protest. Serious?!  Oh hell No, thats why I am taking a stand now, and trying to open your eyes!! Trust me folks, we setting our own selves up for self destruction in a bad way!!  Don’t twist a fucking thing I’m saying! Im not saying the Hoodie was staged. Tarvon did not say buy a Hoodie and protest, the people did that, but the media will take what the people do and quickly learn to us it against them, ultimately effecting US ALL.

I don’t give a fuck what color or race you are, I am here to help THE PEOPLE. I live a NO COLOR-LINE life.

Stop being a victim to Social Media Hype! Once the System see they have complete control over the Minorities/Majority, they will use their tool to turn all of us against ourselves!!! And who will still be sitting their getting rich and laughing? Not us.


“Love me cause I speak the truth, or Hate me cause the truth hurts.”

Mexicans, Whites & Blacks

Everyday I think on how can I become a better man today than I was yesterday.  So, today while I was working out, I had a thought that crossed my mind.

We are all the same from the ROOT, but we all sprout different leaves as we grow & mature, and this is what makes up the difference in each and everyone of us, but no one is better than the next.

My name is Goldie DeWitt and I am man enough & confident enough to say this to you and the entire world with no hesitation.  I am gonna tell you why I like Mexicans, Whites, & Black people.  I know there are other cultures out there, but for right now I’m addressing these 3.

**I LIKE MEXICAN PEOPLE: because from them I have learned what the true meaning of RESPECT & HARD WORK is.

**I LIKE WHITE PEOPLE: because from them I have learned that to be successful in anything you do, you must treat it like a BUSINESS.

**I LIKE BLACK PEOPLE: because from them I have learned that I can ACCOMPLISH anything I want to.

With me combining all of these ingredients together and applying them directly to me in my everyday living, it molds me and directs me into being the man I am today and paving the way into my future.

I share this with you today because I feel this can not only be helpful to me, but I know it can be helpful to somebody else out there, hopefully you! If I can motivate you, and you can motive someone else, then many more people will start to relate on the same positive level and you will start to see things get better for yourself as well as people around you.

I’m gonna tell you something about me from the heart. I will make sure you respect me for the man that I am from the heart, and NOT because of my bikes, girls, jewelry, clothes, and bullshit like that. I know all that can be wiped away over night, but something I will ALWAYS and FOREVER be RICH and WEALTHY of is being HONEST, RESPECTFUL, HUMBLE, & DOWN TO EARTH…. and nobody can take that away from me!

Love you all,


God Got Me Here

TOMORROW is My 40th Birthday!!!! I am truly blessed to have lived this long. My pops passed away at the young age of 28 years old and I had such a superstition that I would not make it past his age. I will say that with my dad passing away in the early 80’s when drugs & gang bangin’ in Los Angeles was at a all time high, it gave me direction. Growing up in the early 80’s in Los Angeles, I was surrounded by gangs & dope dealers. I’m seriously talking when guns shots & sirens was part of the nightly sounds you heard from outside and you were trained to duck below the windows and NOT peek outside and after the shots, you simply went right back to watching tv or going back to sleep. My mom moved us out of the greater Los Angeles area in 1986, just in time cause I was 13 years old and my teenage years were really bout to start getting active. If my mom had not moved, I’m sure my life would be different right now. My dads death and how he passed has been & will always be a constant reminder to me everyday on staying smart and keeping my guard up.

I see my success in living!! Living healthy, staying alive, staying out of jail, & being a positive productive person. Success is not in money.

I see my dad being proud of me cause I was successful in living beyond the years of his life that was cut so short. I see him looking at me as a success in making the right choices in life to have lived to be 40 years old.

I have been blessed to live 12 extra years of life that my dad didn’t get the chance to live, so I have lived these 12 years with him every step of the way, cause I know he has guided me away from danger & bad decisions.

So, at the age of 40 years old, my next goal is to live beyond my Grandfather who passed away at 63 years old. I got 23 years in front of me that I must carefully live to make my Grandfather happy of my success. I know I can do it, cause both my dad & grandfather are right here by my side everyday!

My Grandpa was Sr., my Dad was Jr. and I am the III, and my son is the IV. I am a living legend and I pray that my son is able to use my life as a tool & a reference to guide him through life as well, and when the time has come, I will be right there with my Grandpa & my Dad to guide & protect my son in spirit as he continues to carry on our name for many more years as we continue to succeed in LIFE….

DeWitt III
“God got me here”

Why Some Dudes Act Like Bitches

This seems to be the most common statement amongst men & woman directed at men. As a man, I can honestly say I have asked this question in regards to some guys I know. If you were to ask me, I’d say just because a guy turns 18 does not mean he’s a man, it just means he’s an adult.

I do life research everyday. I pay attention to males, females, kids, adults, animals, & just about everything. Something that I have come to realize is that WE as Americans have absolutely no requirements when it’s time for a Boy to become a Man. In the USA it’s just a numbers game. You gotta be a certain age to drive, to buy a drink, to have sex, to get married, to work, ect. None of these things we actually have to put any serious training into to make sure we can actually handle what we are getting involved in. It’s like basically if your age meets the minimum requirement, then your good to go. I don’t feel this is really good enough and this is part of the problem.

In other cultures when the time has come for a boy to convert to a man, it’s a serious transformation event. The boy must really prove that he is ready to become a man. He might have to go into the woods with a wooden knife and not come back to the village until he kills a lion and still drag that mutherfucker all the way home, or he may have to fight a very experienced grown ass man to earn his right to be recognized as a man. I’m sure you get the picture now and I’m sure you have more of a clear picture of the point I’m trying to make.

The way our culture is set up now, unfortunately boy’s are dam near trained for failure in relationships to act like a bitch! Why? Well, this is only my opinion and I am not pointing the finger at you, but I have seen this to be true in my personal research on some folks that I do know.

Now a days we have a whole lot of single moms raising kids with no dad in the house, and this little boy grows up with only having the parental influence of his mom. He’s taking in his moms ways, his moms emotions, his moms natural instincts, and is being naturally influenced by a female on decisions he should be making as a boy. Well, this boy continues to grow up he has a couple child hood friends that he socialize with, but soon his first girlfriend becomes the second real relationship in his life that he can relate to, cause his first connection relationship was with his mom. So, now we are faced with this boy still having no real grounded men in his life cause he has went from his mom, straight into a girlfriend dating relationship. Now this chick he is dating is challenged with trying to compete with how his mom spoiled him and what he is accustomed to receiving emotionally and psychologically from his mom. So, eventually they break up and now this boy is over 18 years old and he has moved out of his moms house (maybe) and now is dating another female and still this guy has never had a close male friend to learn anything from. So now we have this adult male who was raised by his mom with no dad, dating a few females through out his life with his only relationships & friendships being with females and then all of a sudden he goes through a major break up with a female he really was in love with. So now he says fuck girlfriends and he finds a friendship with a cool dude who’s really into some grown man shit. The guy he meets is really living the life of a man, in a mans way. This new friend teaches him things and turns him on to new levels in life. Taking him places & introducing him to more females then he could ever imagine and just just doing fun guy stuff.

Well, the introduction to fun is what it was, until he meets another girl. Now, that new guy friend is about to experience something he had no clue. That cool friend he was hanging with is now showing some qualities that real man can only identify to as being “Bitch Like.” He is saying to himself, wow, this dude has really flipped the script and is really acting like a bitch! Unfortunately he has no idea he is absolutely right!! The guy he met was raised solely by a woman, his only friendships have all been with females, so naturally if he ever was to bump heads with a man, his natural reactions would be more closely related to how a female would react rather than a man. This is also the same case for females who recognize this in some men they date. I’ve heard it many many times, a woman says “he acts like a bitch” in regards to a guy she dated.

I think men should not be called a man just because he is 18 years old. I think males should have to go through some type of training course then take a test to see if they can qualify to be recognized as a man to uphold grown man qualities & responsibilities. If I could start my own 1DOWN WORLD. School would end at 8th Grade, and your 4 years of High School would be called MAN TRAINING. In those 4 years, you would fellowship with all Males training for whats ahead of you when you become 18 years old. You will learn to respect Men, respect females, you will learn how to deal with a woman cheating on you, you will learn to respect the law, you will learn the importance of wearing a condom/safe sex, you will learn the importance of working to be able to feed your family, you will learn the importance of being a father and being in that household to raise your kids, you will learn to fight with your hands to defend yourself and your family, you will physically build & train your body for 4 years into a strong healthy good looking man!!

You might think I’m bullshitting but I’m 111% serious. The kids that are coming out of High School now are really doomed for disaster! **no disrespect to your kids. But I’m sure you feel what I’m saying.

DON’T LET YOUR SON GROW UP TO BE NO BITCH. Get him involved around some strong MALE positive role models. Make sure you are very involved in what he is doing and what grabs his attention.

We as MEN have enough issues dealing with the females we deal with, and is doesn’t make things any better when we have to deal with a homeboy that acts like a bitch too!

This is my word spoken straight from the heart and I defend every last word with no regret to anything I said above.

Much love,


God Has Blesses Me

My life has truly been blessed. Yes, I’ve had some bad times, but I never let them hold me down, or hold me back. I’ve learned from them and those situations have gotten me where I am today. Life is a celebration and while I’m here on earth, and God has blessed me to breath, I will continue to celebrate life and appreciate life. We all have fun & we all celebrate in our own way, but what we all share in common is Life it’s self. There is no need to frown on another Man or Woman on how he or she lives his or her life if what they are doing is making themselves happy & they ain’t hurting nobody. Learn to be happy for other people, learn to learn from other peoples happiness, learn to have fun with other people, and most of all, learn to love yourself. Sitting back judging someone on how they make themselves happy, when you live a very miserable life is self destruction! I share my photos with you because I want you to see how happy I’ve been in times through out my life and how much I appreciate life. I don’t need to show off, I’m bigger than that, showing off is for people who don’t have nothing. I got everything in the world I could ever want or need. I share with you cause I want to stimulate your passion to want more out of life, cause I want you to see that maybe you are not the only one who thinks a certain way, or show you that yes, you can really do something cause you saw me do it. I want to motivate you to want to wake up each morning and say to yourself, “I gotta get more out of life.”

Don’t be ashamed to show the world how much you love life.

Picture life as something like a cereal bowl. Life is just a Bowl. Depending on what cereal you pour into that bowl will determine how good that bowl of cereal is gonna be. So fill your life with good people, fun people, positive people, & loving people!

The people you inspire will praise you, and the other people will still be stuck trying to find the right cereal to pour into their bowl :-)

If you were to ask me, I have come to the conclusion that “Life is a temporary break from Death.” So live each breathing moment of life to the fullest!

I love you all and I thank you all for caring enough to read my words & check on me everyday.

Love life,


What Tattoos Mean To Me

Tattoos…Why and what they mean to me. First off, to answer your question, this tattoo is real. It was taken moments after I got it. The number 1 question everyone ask is “did that hurt?” Take it from me, if something looks painful, it probably was. Even though I know the pain of a tattoo, it doesn’t keep me away. It’s a different pain. I can say getting a tattoo is my release and in a sense, my drug. I find myself getting a tattoo when things in my life are kinda fucked up. Yea, I know it might sound a little strange, but hey, it works for me. This tattoo your looking at is my latest piece. As you can see, I’m my biggest

fan and if I don’t believe in myself, why should I expect anyone else to. My life is 1DOWN, it’s been there for me since 1996. Never turned on me, cheated on me, lied to me. I have nothing to hide when it comes to showing respect and appreciation to something that has treated me well, so this is my way of saying Thank you to myself for never giving up and showing the world where my heart is. I guess it’s kinda scary because when I get into something, I’m full throttle. So does this mean if I got married I’m gonna tattoo my wife’s name on my forehead? Nah! My tattoos represent a time line of my life and pretty much tell a story about me. Now that’s a tattoo I never want to live with, some chick’s name on me for the rest of my life who more than likely I’m not with anymore. Matter of fact, the other day I saw this fool with a tattoo of some chicks “lips” on his fuckin cheek and I wanted to ask him so bad if they were still together. I would bet she dumped his ass!

Make sure you can live with your tattoos for the rest of your life!

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2007, 1DOWN©

Wind & Out

Look at me! This is my new life as a single man. It would have been 10 years in July. Can you believe it? 10 years and I have no regrets. Remember this for the rest of your life, the 4 R’s. Remorse, Repair, Responsibility, Repeat.

I had to feel the Remorse of not having her in my life, I had to dig deep inside to Repair myself, I then had to take Responsibility for my part in the break up, and last I have to make sure I never Repeat the mistakes I made ever again. No body’s perfect. We learn till we die. To have and loose, and rebuild is part of life. I’ve learned it’s in my blood to never give up. To be single in what I do is pretty fucking dangerous! Do I know the chick in the picture? No I don’t. Does this means she likes me? No it doesn’t. It’s really nothing. It’s a show. It’s part of the energy in this Industry. We do what we do to Entertain. The key to this is to leave it there. Never bring your work home. There’s always gonna be some sweet outsider who likes you and wants to change you, but 9 times out of 10 it doesn’t work. Who you are and where your going in life is already set in stone. Don’t change yourself for no one. If the person interested in you can’t except you for who you are and what you do, they don’t deserve you. Never let anyone hold you back. There’s a lot of selfish and insecure people out there now a days. Even though your reading this and I probably don’t know you, I wish you the best. Everybody’s situation is different, but you can learn something from it.

See ya,

Goldie DeWitt

Copyright 2003, 1DOWN©